Saturday, December 19, 2009

028/076 091214 God Sends Miracles In Forms Of Trials!

Picture: "Taco Sunday" 13-Dec-09

Hi all. So I'm going to share with y'all my favorite street contact experience so far. I loved it, hehe.

So I went up to an older man and his wife with my hand forward trying to clearly show I was making an attempt to talk to them. Said hi, good afternoon, and the like and they were kind stand offish. I then said My name is Elder Eyring, what is your name? And his response? "I don't have a name" and he immediately starting walking along. My companion just looked at me and started laughing. Lol, that's great. I've already heard some pretty terrible lies people have used as excuses, like they already talked with missionaries like us just the other day on some nearby street, when we were the only missionaries within 40 minutes of that place, but this one, really, it was great. Lol. I don't have a name . . . . really . . .


So this past week has been interesting. Its had its trials, which I am not in the mood to go into really, but these trials have had an obvious good effect. While the trials have sucked, they have without a doubt strengthened my testimony that God sends miracles very often in the forms of trials. Its through trials we truly grow, its through trials that the greatest things come. The greatest missionary in all of history in my opinion was Enoch, the one who made a wicked city so righteous it was taken from the earth into God's presence. He had an incapability to speak, he was still young, and he wasn't liked by the people. But in the trials he had, in the effort he still gave in going to the people, he ending up being an incredible tool in the hands of the Lord. Truly, trials are wonderful things.

And out of time. I hope you all have a good week!

Monday, December 7, 2009

027/077 091207 Is John Taking The Blood Jesus?

Picture: Flamengo of Brazil player: Adriano

So this week there was an interesting thing a child said. We showed a picture to a family of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus Christ, and we asked what this picture was for the build up for the invite to baptism. A child there gave an interesting answer, "tá tirando sanque", or in English, is John taking the blood of Jesus? It changes the story of John the Baptist and Jesus a little when you add that little bit with vampires . . . . lol. That was awesome.

Oh, and I decided when I came to Brazil on a football (soccer) team, the Flamingos. This is my team. I am flamingista. Well, I chose well. Yesterday, they won the final game for Brazil, so more or less they won the super bowl for soccer here. More or less. The system is built differently here. But yes, this year, they won. The first time in 16 years. This happened yesterday, and there were still fireworks going off this morning. The amount of partying going on here, wow, it was impressive. So much happiness. A lot of drunken happiness, yes, but people still were filled with pride of their team. Lol.

Ahhh! I lost a lot of time in a phone call about a couple of forms and names and stuff. Ok, so what should I write real quick that actually has spiritual value.

Oh, this past week my president had the whole mission wake up early one morning and have a hour and a half prayer. That really was a good experience. For me, it was a different prayer. I don't know why, but I have never had a prayer like it. It was significantly strong, it wasn't filled with revelations or stuff of the sort, it was just different, but of course, it was good. I think its really good to every now again to just give yourself to long prayer, even if for a while nothing seems to be coming, there is a benefit to just giving yourself in prayer for a while. It was good.

I hope everything is going well back in the States.

Elder Eyring

Thursday, December 3, 2009

026/078 091203 Six Months Today

Picture: President & Sister Bezerra (middle)
Today marks six months that Nathan has been serving the Lord in Brazil.

Monday, November 30, 2009

026/078 091130 HUGE Rain Storm Even For Brazil

Picture: BYU 26 Utah 23

I was in a member's house while he had on the TV Beethoven translated to Portugese. It got to the part when Beethoven was taken to be put to sleep. I learned how to say in Portugese put to sleep. Sacrificar, or translated to english, sacrifice. That is terrible! How could I tell my child that our loving wonderful dog was sacrificed?! Really, that is just depressing!

. . . . . Just had to mention that. That took me by suprise when all of a sudden I heard já sacrificado! Or already sacrificed!

So this past week there was a HUGE rain storm. I mean HUGE! My companion, who is Brazilian and this next transfer this next week will be his last transfer, said he had never seen rain so strong. We were under about 5 feet of protection and still had no hope of not getting soaked. The rain literally was horizontal. The roads turned into rivers in about 2 minutes or less. The lighting was beautiful though. But really, that was insane!

I keep on learning more and more about how much prayer really works. Its truly amazing. If you really pore your heart out to God, there really will be blessings given back and miricales will happen. It is truly amazing.

So I just want to say quickly how glad I am for my mission president. If you remember from a general letter I wrote a couple of weeks ago president prohibited soccer. I'm going to explain a little more with this. When I first got to the mission, all the new elders and sisters told President a little bit about them going around the table. One person said that they like soccer, and president interrupted and said do you like soccer, or do you love it? President was nearly a professional soccer player, and decided not to be because of church callings. He loves soccer so. When he prohibited soccer, he gave up that entire part of his life. That really was a sacrifice for him I'm sure. But that is how he is. Really, I'm so thankful for this man.

Oh, and GO BYU!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. . . . . Hehe, I'm just a little happy for them.

Well, I hope all is well for y'all. Have a good week!

Elder Eyring

Saturday, November 28, 2009

025/079 091123 Soccer Is Prohibited

Picture: Real Salt Lake wins MLS Cup

So I have a moment of pride to tell you all (lol, how great a missionary I am, huh? ;p) So, I was with a group of Brazilian missionaries waiting for interviews, and they were talking about some stuff in soccer I wasn't too interested in, and as such didn't comment. They then said something about us Americans that can't understand a thing they are saying. Immediately I responded, "I understand!" They all got a kick out of that, then asked what they were talking about. I then told them. Lol, they got a nice laugh out of that all. Oh, Brazilians, they are a load of fun.

I have another thing to report about France that I learned, that I don't know if you all have learned. Another proof of their cowardice! In their last qualifying round for the world cup against Ireland (I think) they won because one of their players scrored a goal after placing the ball better with his hand. It was clearly obvious on the tapes. But the ref didn't see or something of the sort ( . . . . .$?) and because of this goal France won and is in the World Cup. So much like France! (I have no idea when I got this prejudice against France, lol. I love you all over there, don't worry, I'm mostly kidding with you [and why I wrote a message to French men that will never read this, I don't know, lol])

If you havn't noticed, its another weird mood week (I guess like all the others, lol).

Speaking of soccer, soccer is prohibited now in my mission. A missionary had to get stiches because of it, and my mission president didn't like that, and so we can't play soccer. That's a weird thought when you are in Brazil! I trust my president though to do what is best.

Then moving on to another subject (again, conversations are translated for your convience, so yes, some of this doesn't sound perfect or isn't quite as interesting as it would be in Portugese, but thats because its translated!) So one member from my ward was on the bus and saw a person with a wristband that said "MTC". He was curious and looked closer, and it said further "Methodist Training Center". Lol, I didn't know there was that type of MTC.

So spiritual time. Really, this church is true. This week someone was baptized, because he felt like he needed to come to our church, because he felt good at church, and because he wanted to follow Christ. We were busy the first time we talked to him last Sunday during church and planned a lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon. He had already read all of the introduction parts by the time we talked with him. He was so ready before we even talked with him! Really though, this church must be true! I just can't see how it isn't!

I love my area . . . . =D

Well, have a good week all!

Elder Eyring

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

023/081 091109 One Huge Blessing - Girls For Friends

Picture: Shakespear Festival - 2005
Hi all,

Well, I've learned this past week due to some headaches I've had one huge blessing of having a lot of your friends being girls, they always have some kind of pain medicine on them, at least one of them. That is so useful! I decided I needed a couple of pills, and then I realized I was with guys, and realized tragically that asking for pain medicine would just get me some weird looks and no medicine. So yes, thank you all of you girls out there. I'm not glad that you have the need to carry that medicine, no, that is tragic, but I am glad you have it.

So other then that, what can I say about this week. Not really much . . . . . not much happened. I can't say why without breaking a couple of rules (for those of you that this makes sense too, great, for those of you that it doesn't, don't worry). Ummmmm, yeah. Really, I have very little to report on.

So yeah, that's all for this week. I'm actually writing little for once, what a miricale!

Elder Eyring

024/080 091116 Miracles Are Happening Here!

Picture: Sunset in Brazil
So this will be short this week, low on time.

First I want to say there are plenty of miracles are happening here, and as such, thank you for your prayers. If you wonder if they do anything, they really do. This past Sunday someone came to church saying he wanted to change his life and wanted our help. I've had plenty of experiences before too where people come and talk to us, not that we found them. Thank you so for your prayers.

And also, I've been thinking about how people rejected Christ, and why. I realized something, probably almost none thought he was sinless that knew Him. It is a common thing that all of us do that at times, we think good is bad and bad is good. We shouldn't, but we all do it. (And don't try and tell me any of you don't ;P.) And so I could imagine that some of those who knew Christ personally didn't necessarily like Him. He was a goodie-goodie, He wouldn't stand for unrighteousness, He always obeyed His mother, even when He didn't agree, He didn't have any form or comeliness. So imagine, someone you thought flawed and you were impressed with, but didn't necessarily like, were to say He was the long awaited Savior. How would you feel? So for me, its kind of humbling. It is very well possible any one of us would have rejected the Savior too if we didn't humble ourselves. So yes, be humble. Please.

That's it for this week.


Elder Eyring

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

022/082 091102 Mormons should be the most humble

Picture: Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley

So what news do I have from this week? I ate a whole bunch of beans and rice . . . . . I walked . . . . . ummm, yeah.

Sometimes its hard to know what to write, lol.

Oh, I find it intersting how Satan works sometimes (starting out so spiritual, huh?). There is one family that we started teaching, then there was a problem that a neighbor was an old Seventh Day pastor. I never knew how stubborn (or strong, however you want to put it) they are in their believes. About as stubborn as those Mormons. Well, with that the spirit was lost as with a few things we tried to show, and then argue, how the scriptures say certain things (like its fine that Sunday is the Sabath). I learned then the importance of the Book of Mormon. We ended simply by bearing testimony of the Book of Mormon and he promised to read and pray,and actually was open. Well, great, we were now doing well with about 10 or so people (which was wonderful). Then the next day we are teaching and the current pastor for 7th day comes in. When we asked why he wouldn't read the Book of Mormon he simply said I don't see the need. Any attempt we tried show the need was simply counteracted by how he has a bible. It almost felt like he worshiped the bible really . . . . . But really, there is such possiblity of strengthening and growth if we win this battle of the great war (ten baptisms is a wonderful thing), and as such Satan seems to be sending all he has at us. Lol, sometimes Satan simply reminds me of a crying schoolgirl, but I guess I shouldn't be so offensive to that poor girl. And sadly people give him such power. That power they give him I must admit is annoying.

So I'm just wondering a little, why in the world would someone want to stop learning? If the Bible contains all we need to be saved, fine, but if the Book of Mormon can help us understand whats in the Bible and even add more, why in the world is that bad? Why is it even only unneeded? What is so terrible about eternal progression?

I guess that is the true difference of our religion and many others. We believe in continual progession. Of course we have a prophet, we still need to progess. Of course there is more than the Bible,we still need to progess. Of course God speaks with man, we still need to progress. Of course after this life we have the potential to be more than just angels praising God, we still need to progess. What other Christian church truly teaches about eternal progession? And I guess that if they don't convert in this life or the next then they will be stuck in the Terrestial Kingdom, where there eternal progression is limited to the one they serve, and I guess the reap the fruits of what they sowed.

I guess that also means us Mormons should be the most humble of churches, because we should admit that we know practically nothing about the eternal scheme of things, and that we are simply little children trying to stand the most complex problems of the universe.

Lol, I like this perspective better. It makes things more realistic I think.

Lol, that reminds of something else. There was a preperation day activity that we did in my zone, and for part they had us split up into groups to make up our own religions to present to the others. Then my mind of course started to go through millenia of philosophy and ideas and was having fun thinking up of a new religion. Then the first thing my group said is what scriptures should we use. BORING!!!! Lol, in my opinion. All scriptures in my opinion point to our religion, and its just annoying to look at them other ways. But an entirely new concept outside of our religous prespectives, oh, that is fun. To try to change someone to a Christian is enertaining and exciting, to try to change Christians strong in another faith is kinda annoying because they use the same scriptures half the time to show the same thing, and they simply have to read the Book of Mormon. So if we are succesful, its happy,but its because God did everything. If we aren't, its just a pain talking to these people usually.

I am rambling a lot this time. Sorry. I'm done now.

Have a good week!

Elder Eyring

021/083 091026 God loves all of you so dearly

Picture: Maracanã Stadium

Hi all,

So last week, I went to Maracanã. Its a HUGE (177,000 person capacity) soccer stadium in Rio that will be the home for the finals of the World cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. That thing really is so huge. It makes the Lavell Edwards stadium look like a child's play thing (. . . . more or less). That was awesome!

So random genealogy that I am going to brag about. Henry Carlos Eyring (who is my great great grandfather and the great grandfather of President Eyring) was the recorder in the Saint George Temple when the temple work was done for the founding fathers and reformers. Their names are written in his handwriting. Isn't that awesome!? I love my heritage!

So I want you all to remember, as that nice winter chill is starting to come, and you are beginning to put on coats and snuggle up in happiness, here, its beginning to be Summer. Let me emphasize two words. BEGINNING and SUMMER. The winter here is about the same temperature it is a the same time during the summer up there in Utah. And then it gets worse. And its humid. I am pretty sure I'm going to die. I already have lost an ok amount of weight. I am healthy and all, and I'm eating plenty, its just I sweat of a pound a day it feels like! Just thought y'all should know that ;)

So I decided to take a page from the book of those that cry that if you cry out the name of Jesus you'll be saved. I don't believe that now, don't worry, but I remember reading Romans 10:9-10 which is one of the scriptures they used to back that up. It says something about those that believe unto righteousness will be saved. I then thought about so many of my friends that have thought that they couldn't be saved, but honestly believed in the Lord and Savior of them and me (or us). I guess this bit is going out to all those people (which is surprisingly seemingly all I know it almost feels like, since every human seems to go through this feeling at once in their life). What is a belief unto righteousness? My honest opinion is not that its simply a calm believe (that isn't truly a believe) that if you only cry the name of the Lord you will be saved, or that you have to believe so strongly in the Lord that you are perfectly righteous, but a belief that continually moves you to be better and makes you more and more righteous. Now there will be moments where you choose to retrograde, to be less then what your belief says you should be. You will make mistakes, you might make huge mistakes, but if you have a belief unto righteousness, you will be saved. If you have a belief that makes you want to repent, even if you feel you can't, if you have a belief that moves you to go to church, to read the scriptures, if you have a belief that causes the Holy Ghost to burn within you by a calm whisper or some other sign, if you have a belief . . . .

Basically, if you believe in Jesus Christ our Savior, if you truly do, and that belief makes you become better, or in other words is "unto righteousness", you will be saved. In the Celestial Kingdom, at the highest level. It'll take time, be patient. But it'll come. You will come.

God loves all of you so dearly. I have said that in practically all my past letters, and I will probably say that in all my future ones. Because its true, and if it wasn't, none would be saved. This is the true message of happiness, the true power of the universe. God loves you, and if you have a belief unto righteousness in Him, you will be saved. Not you maybe will be, not you have the potential to be, you WILL be.

Well, I've had my weekly rant. I hope you all are doing well.

Oh, and if any of you are thinking, "I wonder what I could get my oh so dear Elder Eyring for Christmas" I have your answer. Of course I wouldn't mind candy or a tie, I would love a hand-written letter so much! I know its kinda of early to be saying what I want for Christmas, but keep in mind if you do decided to send candy, a tie, or whatever else you want, it'll take a while.

I'm mostly just kidding, I mainly just want to ask for those hand-written letters. I'm strange like that ;)

Have a good week y'all

Elder Eyring

020/084 091019 "God Bless the Broken Road"

Picture: Lucas Santos (Center)


So, lets see if I can write everything I want to this week. There is a lot!

So, I forgot to add one other weird food to my list. Liver. It actually isn't that bad. I would eat it willingly without complaint any day here. Back in the US, maybe I wouldn't be so willing, because its not the culture to eat it so why in the world would someone serve it?! But here, yeah, I am not scared at all to eat it.

So, Blue Man Group, my heros, are huge here in Brazil. There is a telephone company called TIM, and they are the propaganda for them. So everywhere I go, they are there . . . sniff . . . . I miss percussion . . ..

Speaking of music, I hear some classical music, and oh how I miss it! I am starving! One of the first things I want to do when I get back is go to a concert . . . . . by the way . . . .

Zone conference was this past week. It was good. Everyone read the Book of Mormon before and there was a strong spirit. I like my mission.

So, funny story, my zone is named Rio de Janeiro, but my zone is entirely out of the city of Rio de Janeiro, but still is in the state of Rio de Janeiro. My city is Caxias, and touches Rio, but still isn't in it. I kinda laugh at that.

So I'm reading Mormon Scientist (with permission from my Mission President). Its about Henry Eyring (President Eyring's father). There is a funny story in it I'm going to share, and see if it reminds you of anyone. So the first time his second wife saw him (his first had recently died), it was at church, and he looked scroungy and such, didn't go every week, and she thought the only reason he was going to church was to receive a free handout. Well, she reluctantly went on a date on him to a church meeting (he was about 70 at the time, so I think that would be a good date for that age) where she felt a little indignant when he left her in the audience to go sit on the stand. She then found out that he was there speaking on Science and Religion. (At this point, he was one of the most world renowned chemists and was in a high up position in the church as well).

Does that sound like me at all? Not the world renowned part, but the whole seeming rather unappealing and seemingly like a unworthwhile mut, and then coming out with some actually intelligent thing. How often is my dress a little dirty or a little rugged (well, that you can remember)? But then I do have my moments where I'm actually intelligent. (I know, surprising, but it is true). Lol, I love it!

Ok, spiritual time.

So, I read a quote from President Howard W. Hunter, "Out detours and disappointments are the straight and narrow path to Him [Jesus Christ]" This made me think of the song by Rascal Flatts "God Bless the Broken Road" . . . How there is some many things in our lives that are so hard, but these things actually point us to Christ, and bring us closer to Him. We should have followed Christ in every moment, but eventually, if we choose Him in the end, it will be all but forgotten and we will bask in His love for us, "For after much tribulation come the blessing" (D&C 58:4)

I also have been really impressed by the fact that as Christ was taking His cross to Gethsemane, not even Him, the All-Powerful God of all, the Creator of the Universe, had all the strength needed to carry it. Well, of course if needed He could, so there must be significance in that for us to learn from. And I think it is that even our Savior needed help. He wasn't able to do it alone. In the last moments, He was left utterly alone, but to prepare, He had the comforting angel in Gethsemane and Simeon to carry His cross. And with this, Christ knows the pains we have. He knows how we need His help. We must go to Him. He will comfort us in our pains, He will carry our cross. He loves us so. He was showed mercy, and He is just, so of course we willed be shown mercy as well.

I hope you all have a good week

Elder Eyring

Monday, October 19, 2009

019/085 091012 "You Talk To Fast"

Picture: Elder Eyring's District

Hi all,

So guess what I got told this last week. "Slow down! You talk too fast!". YAY! Yes, my pronunciation is still terrible in Portugese, but, I'm able to think fast enough in Portugese to talk too fast! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And also, someone said that I look like I'm 27 years old. I couldnt really believe it. She was serious though. Then I asked someone else, who said I looked 23 to him. I asked someone else, who said 19 (yay for right!), and then another who said 17. So I guess I'm just a mystery age or something. Its normal for people to think people look different ages, but 10 years in difference . . . . . hmmm . . . .

So guess what I found from the scriptures this week. So, in Alma 45:22 it talks about Alma's sons preaching, then 48:18 about all his sons preachings, then in 49:30 names his sons, Helamon, Shemlom, and Corianton. So Corianton, that sinner who commited fornication DURING his mission, even him, was able to recieve forgiveness and preach once more. YAY!!!! Now I'm not saying this because I have any ideas about myself, don't worry, I just love showing the great examples of repentance, because nothing else brings me greater hope.

So I had testimony meeting yesterday at church. I think I should tape it next month as an example of what testimony should be like! After the bishop sat down saying everyone that would like to give their testimony to come up, the entire congregation seemed to stand at once, because all wanted to bear their love for Christ their Lord! It was incredible! And still after this more people slowly filtered up to the pulpit. Basically, there was never that awkward silence where no one will give their testimony, because of my awesome ward! =D

Ahhh, its been a good week.

So what all should I tell y'all? I dont really know what people want to hear. As far as things I'm actually doing, well, I'm being a missionary. There isn't much more to say then that . . . . But if anyone wants me to include something else in this general email, just ask.

So there is this funny thing, any time I cheer my nation on for the World Cup in 2010, they just start laughing. They think I was joking or something like that. I am kinda struggling to understand this . . . . . (no, I'm not struggling to understand.) I just am slowly hoping more and more America can actually stand strong in the World Cup if they don't win. [which they sadly won't . . . .])

I might take a nap today . . . . so y'all know . . . . .

Well, I think thats all for this week.

Até mais! (until more, I can't say Bom Dia right now, because it's afternoon for me, and that just feels weird.)

Elder Eyring

Friday, October 9, 2009

018/086 091005 Brazil gets the Olympics

Picture: Brazil Olympic Committee Celebrates!

So guess where the Olympics will be in 2016! Just guess where! Come on! Well, I'm a missionary in Rio getting really excited about the location . . . . so I wonder . . . . YES!!!! IN RIO DE JANEIRO!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

Just a little excited . . . . .

So it was kinda funny. When there was a temple announced in Fortaleze Brazil my companion was stoked because he's from Fortaleza, but all of these Rio citizens were slightly sad and slightly indignant. They asked, and What about Rio? So yes, my goal before I leave is to have a temple announced here in Rio. Lol, I'm just one missionary, so I will have to hope that others will help with this, but yeah, I would love to hear that so!

So my favorite quote from conference. I can't remember who gave it, I remember it was someone with a strong accent from the seventy. But I loved his talked so. More or less, "The impossible can become possible" I thought that summed everything up. With the talks on repentance, how we always can repent of whatever sin, and how those we love will be blessed through our righteous desire to repent. Talks on learning to love and that perfect example of love, our Savior. Talks on receiving inspiration. President Monson saying in Priesthood how we can truly live without anger. So many things seemingly impossible, but yet, through the Savior, the impossible becomes possible. I love it!

Oh, random tidbit of information I found out that I am kinda proud of. So when Henry B. Eyring was in high school, he played basketball. Guess for what school. East School High, the home of High School Music (well, at least it was shot there). The First Presidency has an old Wildcat. While I'm not a High School Musical enthusiast, I must admit when I found this out I was laughing my head off (which was kinda bad because I found it while reading an old Ensign and then everyone else around me looked at me like I was crazy. They had no idea what just happened. For all they knew I just lost my head and when into the laughs of a lunatic! Luckily I could explain to them since the tentacles of High School Musical have penetrated even Brazil).

I really like conference I have decided. =)

Well, until next week!

Elder Eyring

Oh! P.S.!!!! I had a Brazilian from a different area that I was visiting tell me how it was amazing I could speak Portuguese! I was complemented by a Brazilian on my language! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!

017/087 090928 Another list of food I eat

Picture: Brazil Food

So I remember when I got to this area that I´m in now I noticed how people seemed to have a little bit money, and the thought went through my head, "Yes! Maybe I´ll stop gooding quite as weird food since these people can afford more!" I was wrong. With more money they seem to just experiment more. Let me give another list of I have had to eat. Cow stomach, Pig snout, Pig ears, and Pig tongue. Why! Talking to others from my CTM district, none of them have had one of these things served them. Wait, no, one of them had these things served them once. Why in the world is the pickiest eater getting the strangest foods! Well, at least by the time I get home I really will be able to eat just about anything. For all of you who thought I was strange for being a picky eater, =P x 10. ;) Sorry, I just get disheartened by the food some days.

So, funny story time. Well, pitiful actually. So, yesterday, my companion and I were going to a house to pick up a person we baptized yesterday. Then, on the way to the church we picked up someone else. Turns out, this was another person we were going to baptize (that is baptized now). (excuse the terrible English, I have lost English skills a bit) I didn´t know this until the end of church. Sad, huh? In my defense though, I never taught this girl lessons, and the interview happened while the other person was being interviewed, so I didn´t know that the interview was happening. I think I just made things confusing. Basically, I had a baptism without even knowing. That was interesting.

So right now I´m in regular street clothes. Jeans and a T-shirt with tennis shoes. I´m going to do a little bit of service after this Internet usage, so that's why. But it is so weird! I haven´t gone out in street clothes for months. I wore jeans once in the CTM for a service project, and then the last time before that I guess would be June 1 or 2 (I remember the 2 I went to the Oquirrh Mount Temple open house and was later set apart, so I might have never changed into jeans that day). Yeah, it feels weird!

Oh, that reminds of another funny or stupid story from the week that shows clearly that I have no sense of fashion whatsoever. One of the members in my ward was really excited about this one shirt a friend gave him, and when I saw it I thought it really wasn´t that appealing of a shirt, but to be nice I said I liked it. He then went on to say how it was R$500,00 (about $280.00) and was made by this huge fashion designer. So yes, I have no fashion sense. But I really wonder how in the world someone can have such a strong opinion that a piece of cloth he likes can be sold for so much money. It was a basic button up shirt, that wasn´t that special. I kinda can understand why dresses are incredibly expensive, because I can actually see the art in designing a dress, but this shirt? I think its basically the same thing as some modern art that is a blank canvas with a plain black frame that sells for a million dollars. And why again is America in an economic crisis?

Oh, one thing continuing from last week about how women truly are better then men. An example from my mission (and really of all missions from what I´ve heard). Its almost impossible to baptize men it seems. Yesterday was my first baptism of a man. My companion who has been on his mission for 21 months said this is his second. We have a rule that we have to do make ten street contacts with men every day each person, because the church drastically needs more men. Women and children are willing to humble themselves and come unto Christ. With Men, some are. Its pathetic in some ways.

So what other things should I say . . . . hmmm? This past week not much has happened. Our apartment was being renovated, and we were told that we had to stay in our apartment because there was someone else in it that isn´t part of the mission. So yeah, that sums up this week.

Oh, and I hate mosquitoes. Every couple of weeks, I have nights I can´t sleep because I am so incredibly itchy. Its terrible! Thankfully enough I´m on a mission for the true church representing our Savior, so I am given the strength to make it through the day, but without that boost of strength, I would surely die of exhaustion. So yes, mosquitoes are evil.

I think I am slowly developing Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). As time goes on I keep on noticing how half the things that I talk about in my life I keep on saying "we" or "ours" or such things. I feel like Golem or something. I know its just the fact that everything I do I do with my companion, so I get habituated to saying we and such, but still, I am possibly going to be diagnosed with MPD before I get home!

For you all in Utah, its starting to get cold now, huh? Lucky. Its getting hotter every day here. It had been raining for a while here, and for a little bit I was hating the rain, but now I changed my mind. The sun is out again. And its humid. And Summer is coming, but still not here. I am definitely dreaming of a white Christmas, which thing I will not be able to have. Unless you count the blinding sun as it being white. Well, at least ice cream on Christmas day will taste so much better.

Well, have a good week y'all. I think I have rambled enough for this week. Best of luck in whatever is going on!

Elder Eyring

014/090 090907 This week was interesting

Picture: Maracana Soccer Stadium

So this last week was interesting. On Saturday, I went to the hospital because the mother of the first person I baptized was in the hospital and we made a visit. That was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. I was in a hospital as a religious minister . . . People actually came up to me and my companion asking for a blessing for a family member (they were members). It was so humbling . . . .

This trip had some major advantages though. Namely, the sightseeing on the car ride there. We took a road to get there that went up a mountain on the side of Rio, then you could see all of the city from the mountain to the beach. It was plainly amazing. I have never seen a more beautiful city in my life. Keep in mind too that I´ve been to London, Paris, Tahiti, Costa Rica, New York, D.C., Vegas, San Fransisco, Sacramento, Seattle, etc. It is plainly amazing.

Then on the way back we took a way that just so happened to take us by the soccer stadium in Rio. Let me just say, it is HUGE!!!!!! I mean HUGE!!!! Wow. It is going to have the World Cup in 2014, and possibly Rio will have the Olympics in 2016. It was amazing! That was so incredibly incredible!

The Lord truly is blessing me a lot. I honestly don´t know why I am so blessed, but oh, I´m grateful! I really don´t deserve all that the Lord gives me!

Lol, just random side comment, Dragonball Z is on right now where I´m doing email stuff. Its the beginning of the Boo series. I´m not watching, don´t worry, I just know where in the story it is because I´m a crazy freak and can with seeing something for 5 seconds know where in the story it relates too.

So, everyone, I´ve made an odd decision. I have plenty of reasons, but I´m just going to give two. So, my odd decision, I´m not going to write friends for a little bit. Because, I´ve been far too distracted. I really haven´t been giving my whole heart, might, mind, and soul to the work, and that's bad. And second reason, I felt calmer when praying about this then other choices of what to do. Not that this is the only right thing to do, but I think its the best thing for me personally to do. So yeah, for a little bit, I´m not writing to friends. But this shouldn´t be too different for anyone at home, just different enough that someone would notice and so I´m saying something.

Now, please still write letters. I can´t really expect you too, but please! still write letters! I will respond to every single letter after this. I promise! And right now is the beginning of a school year, with so many things going on. I want to know whats going on SO badly! I guess I won´t know for a little while what is going on, but its so much better if something is written soon after something happens then a two months after it happens. So yes, I´ll write back to every letter! Pinky-swear!

Oh, and I´ll still write this general letter so people can still be clued into my life ;) And I´ll write a lot of letters today for y´all =)

So yes, the Lord blesses all of us so plentifully. I really have been blessed to have my eyes opened to see how the Lord truly is throughout everything in our lives. Lol, and as such I feel like such an unthankful fool. I´m learning though! Our Savior and our Father truly bless us in all things, even our trials. It is amazing!

Well, till next week!

Elder Eyring


Oh! I am adding something else!

So, I broke one of my goals for my mission. I thought I would be able to go two years without holding a girls hand, but I failed miserably. My heart was stolen by a little 9 year old, Deborah. Now time for excuses ;)

This is a little girl that I got the opportunity to baptize. But she had the same problem I had with baptism, she was scared to get dunked in the water. So, trying to comfort her before, she took hold of my hand for one part, and I couldn´t say no! So adorable! And she was crying. How could I say no! It took a while after we got in the freezing water to get her baptized too. But it worked out! And she was confirmed this last Sunday too. Yay!

Ok, that's all. Have a good week all!

Elder Eyring

Monday, September 21, 2009

016/088 090921 Stray Horses Instead of Dogs

Picture: Stray Horses
Hi all!

So time to talk about my new area some. So the first morning I woke up I went out onto the loft (hehe) and there was just this random horse on the street eating. I thought it was kinda strange. Turns out it was quite normal. There are stray horses here like there are stray dogs. Its rather fascinating.

I swear I´m at least on the other side of Brazil as compared to my last area, even though both my last area and this one are in the city of Rio. They are so different. This area is really flat, with mountains able to be seen in off in the distance, while my last area was filled with mountains. This area has no favelas, the other one all my work was in them. The buildings look different, the people act a little different, and the plantation looks different. The dialect is even different. A lot less of the shhhhh in the talking. Its weird.

But there are awesome benefits to this area. Like one person here makes cakes. So in this past week I have had lemon pie, chocolate cake, scraps of a vanilla cake that were heaven, and some other sweets from her. Oh! the happiness. Really, the happiness that comes from this is hard to even begin to describe. Oh, and I never knew how good avocado (bad spelling I know, sorry!) shakes are. Yum! I wouldn´t mind if I stayed in this area until February 27 (my birthday for those don´t understand), because I´m sure I would have this nice big beautiful cake then. Oh how nice that would be.

And this Saturday is a birthday party of a recent convert. So more cake and fun! Yay!

Oh, I had a wonderful revelation this week. The scriptures do show clearly that woman kind is better then the brutish terrible man kind. I have thought this to be the truth for years, but never could prove it. Now I can. So I´m going to.

Just for fair warning, I came to this proof while trying to figure out more about the doctrine of polygamy (its amazing how much that comes up down here. Its insane!). This describes polygamy at the same time though.

So, after this life, we learn from Paul that, "neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord." (1 Cor 11:11), and from modern revelation that "In the celestial glory there are three heavens or degrees; And in order to obtain the highest, a man must enter into . . . the new and everlasting covenant of marriage" (D&C 131:1-2). So as you all know and as these scriptures show, you must be married in order to enter into the highest order of the celestial kingdom. Well, with this, we know that polygamy is eternal, and that all those already sealed to multiple wives will have those wives in the eternities, and that never will there be multiple husbands to one wife. That is contrary to the will of God and the laws of heaven.

So think through that just a little bit. Just a little. If this new and everlasting covenant of marriage is the entrance into the highest of all glories, and more woman will enter into it through polygamy then men will, as has already happened, is happening (a man can be sealed to multiple women at once, just not married in the flesh to multiple at once), and scriptures show will continue to happen (I can´t remember what chapter of Isiah this is, but remember the 'in that day seven women will cling unto one man' scripture?), just by pure logic shows that more women will reach this highest glory then men. There is no way that this cannot be true, and if there is I would to love someone to show me how.

To summarize, more woman will be saved in the highest glory then men.

Now how do people reach this highest glory? Well, yes, of course through the mercy of the Lord, but also through His justice. So we must do our part to be saved. More women won´t be saved because God has a soft spot for them, but because of their actions. Don´t forget the scripture from when Alma was speaking to his son Corianton, "What, do ye suppose that mercy can rob justice? I say unto you, Nay not one whit. If so, God would cease to be God." So these wonderful women are saved through their own choices, through the desires of their hearts, and the mercy of Christ. But they have to do the same as men, they don´t get spoiled.

So, women as a whole are better then men, because more will be saved, and how will they be saved? through the true character of their hearts.

Why I think this is important is I know so many of you wonderful women out there that believe that you are good, but not truly worth it. You believe yourselves to be second rate and undeserving. But I can testify to you all that you are truly the love and pride of God, because of your purity. I wish I could help all you women understand how precious you are, and how truly good you are. Hopefully this helps some.

Well, have a good week y'all.

Elder Eyring

Sunday, September 20, 2009

015/089 090914 I've Been Trained

Picture: City & Baptisims

So guess what everyone, I´ve been trained! Tomorrow the new missionaries will get here to Rio. I am no longer the newest person in the field. That's great. I got transferred. My new area is large, but is flat. So I´m happy. And I have a new companion. Another Brazilian, and he can´t speak much English I think. I´ll see better as I get to know him. We´ve only been companions for like 5 hours, so yeah, we´ll see how things turn out.

Another thing for y´all to guess what about! I can speak Portuguese! I am not fluent, but I can say I can speak Portuguese. This past week to an investigator I taught a lesson without really any help, and it wasn´t a Preach my Gospel lesson, it was a lesson that was fitted to the needs of the investigator. And the Spirit touched her! It was awesome! And I taught a gospel essentials class. That was difficult. But yeah, I wouldn´t be lieing if I said I could speak Portuguese, only if I said I was fluent. That is awesome.

So one thing I find kinda funny is that with my companion, he´s shorter than me. So for whatever reason I kinda feel more mature. Stupid, I know. But before, my trainer was fat, and I was new, and I felt really young. With this elder, I don´t feel like a useless inferior that doesn´t even know how to speak. Its kinda nice. He knows the area really well and he knows how to speak better, so I´ll still be needing a lot of help from him, but its a lot different then feeling like I am some crazy American lost in the Brazilian nation that is really just a confused, sad little man. Its nice.

So God really provides a lot of miracles. This past week we baptized someone that everyone that knew her was amazed that she was baptized. And then she after the baptism and confirmation showed a difference. She was happier. She was calmer. God performed such a miracle for her. I love it. (Nathan's lesson that he taught made the difference in her.)

Lol, so for this lan house, I came in and Love Story by Taylor Swift was playing, and now The Climb by Miley Cyrus is playing. Its rather sad that I love this kind of music so much, but that's the kind of guy I am I guess. Lol. And no, I´m not allowed to listen to it. But I can´t help but hear it, and its a losing struggle to not listen some. Oh the happiness.

I miss music so! Really, when I get home I think that its very well possible that the first thing I do when I get home is pull out my pad and a pair of sticks and go at it! Well, yes, say hi to people and such. But eventually get back to my true love ;) I really will be so sad to leave Brasil though . . . So many people here that I already love, and that might be leaving and never seeing them again. That isn´t something I would be excited about, but I guess that´ll be ok.

Lol, now one song by . . . . oh whats her name . . . . can´t remember. Its the girl from Camp Rock, and her song from Camp Rock.

Oh, yes, the music here in Rio seems to be like 6 months old from the US music. Don´t know why, but that's what happens.

Well, I´m needing to leave. Everyone have a good week!

Oh, one last thing. Everyone, thanks for being my friend (family included). I´ve learned very clearly that my strength I have within me is learning from my friends, from my family, and from my heritage. But its amazing how much more effective my teaching is when I talk of one of you. So yes, thank you. And yes, by the time I leave, you´ll all be famous in Rio. (Lol, no, not really. Brazilians won´t be able to say half of your names. Lol. But we can pretend.)

Bom Dia

Elder Eyring

Sunday, September 6, 2009

013/091 090831 God Really Answers Prayers

Picture: First Baptism

Hi all!

I want to give you all a list of food I´ve eaten here that I never would have eaten before my mission:

-Beans and Rice (lol)
-A mixture of chicken that included chicken feet
-Cow feet
-my companion had pig snout, I couldn´t quite do that one . . . .
-Really questionable soup. I don´t like soup at all! Questionable soup though! Scary.
-This dish of a mixture of rice, peas, octopus, squid, shrimp, and hard boiled eggs. (this actually tasted SO good. It was at this nice restaurant that members took me to when I was on a division in a different area then mine.)
-who knows what else . . . (I sadly don´t)

I just wanted to share that. Those that knew how picky of an eater I was, well, now, I am a lot better. A LOT better! When I get home I won´t only be able to eat food normal people eat, but even the odd and the bizarre, because that's what I have to feast on everyday less I offend the members.

So any funny stories for you . . . hmmmmm . . . .. . I can´t remember. Days blend together here in a big huge mess because of tiredness. I have one question for everyone, a riddle in fact that I still haven´t found an answer that makes enough sense. Why would someone build their house on the peak of a mountain, especially when they don´t have a car? At least the majority of these mountains I climb aren´t true mountains, just really really big hills, but still! I will have a lesson on one mountain, get done, have 40 min to get to another lesson, that is on the other corner of my area on another mountain. So we are running down and out of the favela, down into the kinda city area, across up into another favela, and up a mountain. It really is insane!

But the Lord blesses me for it! I am going to come home with such muscles! Oh yes! Its winter and I have lost some weight, while gaining muscle! And don´t think I´m starving, really, I wish I could eat less at lunch! Lol, when summer comes, I will get so skinny. I´ll need to fatten up when I get home, lol. I´m so excited for this mission! (and stuff now too, of course, but really, it´ll be different when I actually have a clue of whats going on.)

So whats up with every 6 weeks for letters since I´ve had some questions. Well, my area is right by the mission headquarters area, so I tend to get my mail every 2 weeks about. But why that is is because my address isn´t where I live, but to the mission headquarters. Mail can be unreliable, and if I get emergency transferred out of my apartment, then I won´t ever receive that bit of mail. But through the office I always receive it. So every time I see one of my leaders that has gone to the headquarters, I get mail. Which is about every 2 weeks for now. But occasionally its 3 or 4. If I go to a far out area in the boondocks, it´ll be every 6. yeah.

So spiritual thought time, since I´m a missionary. God really answers prayers. I have never been on my knees so much. And because of my prayers, and the mercy of God of course, I am always finding people to help. I actually had a person come up to me and say I want to talk with you and set up a time with us for a lesson. Of course God is already preparing people, and has already prepared many, but through my prayers I have been able to be a tool for God. Prayers are answered. There are a lot of other stories I have with this .. . . . but not time, and I don´t feel right sharing them. Suffice it to say that I know that God answers prayers. In this I think its now more than faith, it has become knowledge (to see that saying something can become more than faith, look at Alma 32.)

So yeah, again, I don´t have much time. So, Bom Dia, good week to y´all!

Elder Eyring

Monday, August 24, 2009

012/092 090824 Miracles: Beans and Rice, and NO Gag Reflex!

Picture: Rio de Janeiro from Helicoptero

Hi all!

This past week was good! Especially since I ate a plate of beans and rice and finally didn´t want to gag. I even wanted more. I now know I´ll be able to survive my mission! ;)

Ahhh . . . so there is one view of my area that I need to take a picture from. I am going back to that spot soon, and hopefully it´ll be sunny. You will alll be jealous when you see it, hehe.

This past week was good. I did a division with my district leader. That was interesting. This coming week (tomorrow more precisely) is going to be interesting though. My district leader is going to do a division with my companion, so I´ll be with his companion. This companion came to Rio with me and was in my district at the MTC (for family, he is the guy that was on my paperwork for the flight to Brazil). So basically, he knows the same amount of Portugese as I do. This will be interesting. But it´ll be ok. I´m not fluent, but I can speak with Brazilians.

Our Father has enabled me to learn a lot this past week. It is amazing how intricate His plan for us is. Really, I am beginning to believe that after this life when we realize everything God did for us in our lives, each second of our lives will become precious monuments to the love of our God. Literally each second. There is so much that has happened that if things were changed at all I would have missed out on so much. And even our trials are blessings from God. Ask Paul (the old apostle). Its amazing what I have been blessed with.

Well, time always calling. I hope things are going well for everyone. I really do.

Bom Dia,

Elder Eyring

Friday, August 21, 2009

011/093 090817 Filled with the Spirit!

Picture: MTC District


So, I´ve officially decided, the people here in Brazil believe that when they feed the missionaries the amount of blessings they receive is directly correlated to the amount the missionaries eat. For one meal, I was already trying to explain that I was exploding, then the lady of the house came and dumped some chicken on my plate. Now, I know my Portugese isn´t perfect, BUT, I know I didn´t ask for more. I know enough Portugese to know whats going on! Lol. Then after this, she filled my glass with more Guarana, then gave me some sweet potato, and probably gave me something else to eat as well. I think I´m going to come home some fat blob! Even with all the walking I´m doing! lol

So, one good sign with my Portugese. The church likes missionaries that don´t know how to speak english to learn how to speak English, so, my companion and I made a compromize that we were going to speak only English after we got back to the apartment and planned. So, when we did this, I found myself not being able to speak only English! I was saying a load of things in Portugese and then feeling guilty because I wasn´t speaking English! Lol. Oh, and it made me feel kinda of good too, that when I was talking slowly my companion looked at me and said you are speaking fast! Slow down! I think said each word slowly, distinctly, and almost fell asleep mid sentence, and this was his speed. The Brazilians have the same problem too! Sorry . . . that was just a little exciting.

Things here are really good. God has really provided for me. I am finding that I am truly beginning to love the people here. Each street contact that decides they don´t want to listen is a little twinge of pain, because I want the people to receive this great happiness. But each success . . . . oh, I can´t even begin to describe the joy.

And yeah, if anyone is wondering if the church can use missionaries, the answer is yes. Its amazing how much strength missionaries can give to a ward and the people. Really, its amazing how much God can bless people through the tool of a missionary.

Well, I hope everyone has a good week!

Bom Dia,

Elder Eyring

Oh, Brazilians love piano. If anyone is reading this, who is going to go on a mission in the future, learn to play the piano. It will be an incredible blessing for you and those you serve!

Monday, August 10, 2009

010/094 090810 Rio is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Picture: The tourist area of Rio de Janeiro

So much to talk about!

So, I´m in Rio. It is beautiful! So beautiful! It was a cloudy miserable day when I arrived, and was still the most beautiful city I´ve ever seen. The airport (or one of them) is on the sea´s edge, so the plane looked like it was going to go into water when it landed. Right before we landed a boat went under us, it was awesome!

So, buses here are crazy. There are tons and tons and tons of them, and when you get on they start moving before you pay (they don´t have time to stop for long). So much is incredibly fast paced here.

My area isn´t downtown Rio, but off to the side. My zone is in the same zone as mission headquarters. I sadly don´t have ocean. OH!, so, Cristo, O Redentor, that giant statue in Rio, from the pictures you would think from below it would be a prominent thing that towers above the city. Nope. It's insane! The mountain it's on goes from sea level to what looks like a mile high instantly. So the statue is tiny on top (well, it looks like that). That was crazy! But yes, my area. So, to get to where we are teaching from our apartment is an hour walk. And it's up hill. And the roads are bad. I never knew that it would be so incredibly useful to have had experience with hiking! It's good for me though! Seriously, I´m starting to look so good! ;) Then we went into another area yesterday, and this one is up and over a small mountain. The favelas are crazy. They would be so illegal in America . . . . All of our teaching is in them. Our bishop does construction with them. They are basically a whole bunch of small houses right next to each other. With the electrical wires being tapped . . . . It's crazy. From one Electrical post you have possibly literally 1000 wires coming off. So insane!

So, I´m sure you are wondering how the language is coming. It´s almost has been a week in the field. When I first got there it was so intimidating because I realized how little I can talk about and how hard it is to understand. A lot of times people will say words I know, but they say it in a way so I don´t understand. That is frustrating. But it's getting better. My companion is a Brazilian that knows minimal English, and so I decided my goal is to just try and talk to him constantly. He probably half thinks I´m a freak because I try to talk about everything. But it's so helpful. I already can talk about a lot of things (very slowly though), and I´m using advanced grammar somewhat naturally (well, advanced to a learner at least, especially for English speakers). I must admit it's terrible when my companion during a lesson turns to me and says, talk about this. The first thing I was told to talk about was the law of chastity. Yeah. That was not nice, lol.

Food. So, I thought I would have a problem eating the food. God has blessed me immensely, and I can eat anything. But, the problem I´m having is that I am considered rude if I don´t eat a TON of food. I mean 2 plates filled to the brim with Rice and beans, and then on top of that meat and potatoes and some other stuff. I can´t eat that! And so Brazilians think I don´t like their food. I love the food, and I´m hungry, but I just can´t eat that much! Well, I´m learning how to eat loads, but, really, this is probably just like the language. I´ll learn.

Oh, and so everyone knows, I can´t email you and you can´t email me. And I only get mail once every 6 weeks. So PLEASE write me, but if I don´t respond to something you write, that's why. I´ll still write you, but yeah, it won´t be about what you are writing me until up to 8 weeks later.

I´m out of time, so till next week.

Bom Dia,

Elder Eyring

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

009/095 090805 Missonary in Transit

Picture: "A favela is the generally used term for a shanty town in Brazil." Wikipedia

Elder Eyring transferred from the MTC to mission field on Tuesday August 4, 2009. We did not receive an e-mail from him this week. His preparation day in the MTC was Wednesday. His preparation day in the mission field is Monday.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

008/096 090729 Proselyting Downtown

Picture: Dad and friend Roberto. (Former Bishop of Mission Pres.)
Hi everyone!

So yes, proselyting went good. It is really different to teach downtown compared to right by the CTM. The CTM is in a suburb area which is where we proselyted before, this last time we went to the most downtown part of São Paulo. It was crazy! And it was raining! Yea for good waterproof shoes and a good umbrella!

So, the message from this week might sound prideful, but only if you read it wrong. Its one of the things God has done to help me, not something that I have done. So, our district for the last week is spending 15 minutes twice each day to have everyone tell one person why they like him. I got the opportunity to be told stuff yesterday. And one thing that came out was how diligent I am. Now, for those of you who know me from school work, I´m sure you all are about chocking from that idea. I mean, yes, I did do a lot of hard work, but I always procrastinated to the last second. I would do the work always at the last second, in scrunch it all in. Here I was being praised for working in the moment, for doing it over the proper amount of time. That isn´t me. Truly, God is able to transform people into who they need to be. That is a skill I have wanted to have for years, and when I finally decided to let the Lord help me with it, it came. Heavenly Father helps us in so many ways! Through Him all things are possible! I am so grateful for this gift!


Bom Dia,
Elder Eyring

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

007/097 090722 Going Downtown

Picture: Nephew Gavin is walking.

So I really have no time. Like one minute, so this will be quick y´all. This week has been good, same as all the others.

I have been proselyting on Friday, this time in downtown São Paulo. I trust God will help, but prayers are always nice ;) Have a prayer in your hearts, the church is true, get married in the temple, and tenha a bom dia! (for those who had Brother whatever his name is... Frost!)

Elder Eyring

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

006/098 090715 So I Went Proselyting!

Picture: Family Photo before Mission

So I went proselyting this week. That was so horrific and exciting at the same time. Really, I loved it though. The main thing I learned I think is that really this is the Lord´s work that I get to witness more then me actually doing something.

My Português still is terrible, I mean, I can without a doubt see how the Lord has blessed my life so incredibly much and blessed my language skills, but I have only been here since the beginning of June, and I have spent a load of time studying the gospel in English and being able to teach it in English before I translate it over to Português. Still, people listened. People even listened intently.

I was given two Book of Mormons to give out, and the Lord gave them to two people who generally seemed interested. My highlight of it (and of my life it almost seems like), is I was talking to one lady in my terrible Português and talked about how Christ came to America and loves us all and the restored gospel, and I knew that how I had said it there was no reason for her to be interested, but for some reason, when I asked if she wanted to hear more, she said yes. I was able to then just go into a lot more about the story of Christ coming to the Americas, I gave her a Book of Mormon, and I marked in it 3rd Nephi 11, and she said she would read it. And when I gave the Book of Mormon to her after she promised to read, she thought I was giving her one in English, and was surprised it was in Português. She was willing to read the scriptures in a foreign language even . . . .

I realized that she might not end up converting, but I know the Lord prepared her for blessings. This truly is the Lord´s work.

Bom Dia,
Elder Eyring

005/099 070708 Brazil Loves Soccer!

Picture: Oldest and youngest grandsons - Both served in Brazil. (Tim & Nathan)

Hi all,

So I´m going out to proselyte on Friday . . . with real people . . . . I´ll need prayers, so y´all know. I am incredibly excited, but it really is incredibly hard to fully communicate in Português. I know I will be blessed though.

Oh, and I´ve decided that English so badly needs a formal y´all! In Português voce is you and voces is y´all (basically), and it makes life SO much easier!

I experienced this past week just how much Brazil loves soccer. The final game for the season was I think last Wednesday, and the local soccer team (the Corinthians) won, and the most odd thing happened. From my room I heard these screams. And I mean screams like I was in the middle of a football stadium. The entire air in my area of São Paulo was filled with noise. It was insane. Then on top of that I think every citzen of São Paulo had a few fireworks to set off. That night was insane!

The Sunday after that one of the leaders pointed out a beautiful point of how it would be if only we could feel the same way about God as the Brazilians feel about soccer, how basically there would no longer be contentions in the world. I thought that was really interesting . . .

Oh, and July 4th was good. They decorated the cafeteria for lunch and we got hamburgers, fries, and ice cream. Then we were fasting that night, so we didn´t have anything extravegent (or anything) there.

Well, time to go. I hope things are going well for everyone in the good ol´USA. Everything is incredible for me because the Spirit of the Lord is with me because of my attempt to serve my hardest. Truly hard work does miricales (well, God through the hard work does miricales).

Bom Dia!
Elder Eyring

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

004/100 090701 God Loves Each And Every One Of Us

Picture: First-time Uncle on July 13, 2008

Since I´ve been down in Brazil I have learned something incredibly clearly. God loves each and every one of us. I have been reading a lot from the Old Testament while in the CTM because at the CTM I need to prepare myself as a person for the field, and when I´m in the field my studies will much more be to prepare me to teach those I know I need to teach that day. I know many people read the Old Testament and see those scriptures of Him being a jealous vengeful God. I have seen so clearly in there though that God provides to everyone of us every opportunity to come unto Him. Even when we choose to go away from Him, God always extends His arm of mercy, and all we must do is accept it.

Like with King David. He did actions that caused him to lose his exaltation. But from that point on David repented and came unto God, and the rest of the Old Testament, while admitting his fault, shows that David being willing to change blessed the rest of his life and the lives of all the children of Israel.

I know God loves us, and is always there for us. While we don´t understand everything He does, every little thing He does is to bless our lives and to provide ways for us to be happy. I know Jesus Christ is our Savior. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve one who so greatly served me, even if I am not that good of a servant.

I hope you all have a good week.

Elder Eyring

*Here are a few tidbits from his letter to mom that she thought you would like...

I know what you mean about how it seems like only yesterday I left, but then it seems like forever. My life is so different now, and I really am growing SO much. It is wonderful, but so odd. I really wonder how things will be when I get home and at least I will have grown so much.

The CTM food is ok . . . I went to Rodizio style grill today, and that was excellent. It was only 8.50 too! At the CTM though, it depends on the day. They just changed it so there is only one main course (there used to be two), and I only usually like their main courses . . . . But I´m learning to eat foods. I still detest rice and beans, but I am getting more used to them. Oh! And they took out the Guarana machine! Tragic! Whatever needs to happen needs to happen, but I´ll miss that!

I gave my first lesson in Portugese. That was exciting. It was the first one in Preach my Gospel, the restoration. And medium sized, for those that know what that is.

There is a new elder, Elder Ava something. He is Samoan. He was at the Provo CTM because of visa issues, then got swine flu, and now has come down. He was a rapper, which is interesting

Oh, and now I am at my hump week ;)

A week from Friday I´m going out for the first time to proselyte, I´ll probably be freaking out with that next week . . . . I already am.

I am doing well though. I really am. The spirit is strong, and even though there are challenges, everything turns out all right as long as you have faith. It truly is wonderful to see that.

My comapanion is from Ashburn, Virginia by the way. He went to BYU for a year though. But yeah, Virginia.

Tell everyone at home I love them. And thank you for your support. I never realized till I got here how nice a letter every now and again is. Thank you!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

003/101 090624 Sao Paulo is Huge

Picture: Generic picture of São Paulo

Hi! Things are going well down here. Its really been repetitive, but I like it. I am learning SO much. Its great.

I haven´t talked about this yet, so I´m going to. São Paulo is huge so everyone knows. And I mean HUGE. The MTC (which is a 7 story building) is in the suburbs. And in random little bit of the suburbs there are pockets of skyscrapers that are bigger than Salt Lake. We can see downtown from a window in our room, and its insane. Its plainly just a line of skyscrapers. It´s insane. I think I´ll like how Rio has a coast on one side.

Oh! And Rio North is being absorbed into Victoria or something. But basically, my mission now covers the entire city of Rio. YAY!

And, if anyone is worried about the safety at the CTM, so you know, we have an Isralei security company or something like that. But they are good. They would need to be. Its kinda scary though when you see some of the security guards though. But I am without a doubt safe. And of course there is the ultimate security system of our Father´s loving care!

It´s crazy stuff with what I´m hearing about Utah. I´ve heard that it has rained a lot (and it´s barely rained here in São Paulo), and that the swine flu is nasty there. I´m sorry for you all. Honestly, I´m glad I´m in a different country with what I´ve been hearing. That is insane!

Oh, quick side note, if people could keep any letters I send them, or mail them to my home address, or something, that would be awesome. I sometimes remember something while writing a letter to someone that I didn´t write in my journal, and I didn´t write to anyone else, so I kinda need some help! (Yes, I am still as absent minded as ever, but I am working on it.)

So, our Father in Heaven has blessed me in more ways then imaginable down here. Here is one of them. Every week you have to (get to have to) prepare a talk on one of the Christ like attributes, and last weeks topic was charity and love. At church on Sunday, they randomaly select a few missionaries to give their talk. Well, last week mine was on charity and love, and a lot of things hit me. And so, while studying, I prayed to Heavenly Father to let me give my talk on Sunday. Which I did. I didn´t give that good of a talk, but Heavenly Father really made my message strong and clear. The Spirit was there, and I think everyone was edified. And I feel so much more confident (for lack of a better word) with a lot of stuff. It really was an awesome experience. Oh, and the best scripture on it is 1 Corinthians 13, and one I liked is in Moroni 8, and I think verse 42 or something. What it says though is perfect love casteth out all fear. I like it. Well, time is passing fast. Till next week!

Bom Dia,
Elder Eyring

Friday, June 19, 2009

002/102 090617 Can´t talk Brazilian

Picture: MTC District at São Paulo Temple

Hello everyone!

Not much to report on, the schedule is repetitive. I still can´t talk to any Brazilian without them talking really slow and using hand signals, and them not needing a response. Its been good here.

Oh, I felt bad about what I wrote with letters last week. I never sent missionaries letters, so don´t think I will kill anyone if they don´t send me a letter.

But yes, I would love to hear from people, and then I could actually give you something about what´s going on my life because I have some kind of idea of what to write you!

Well, Bom Dia (I spelled that wrong last week, embarissing),
Elder Eyring

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

001/103 090610 Brazil is incredible!

Picture: MTC District at São Paulo Temple

Subject: Hi all!

So a very important note to start off with. While in the MTC, I will NOT be able to email anyone. So send your home address to my Gmail account if you want me to write you, because I have no one’s! And really, I would love to get a letter! I never realized how letter hungry missionaries can get, and I have only been out a week! But if you aren’t able to send one, of course that’s fine!

Hi! Brazil is incredible! I love it here! The MTC (or CTM as they (and from now on me) call it since for Portuguese grammar it’s the Center for Training Missionaries) is absolutely beautiful. All the wood in it is Cedar, which is beautiful. And the Spirit is so strong! And I am getting much stronger because my bedroom is on the 6th floor and missionaries have to take the stairs!

So I just want to apologize up front, my email stuff will be separate because my brain is fried on Preparation days (which are Wednesdays for me at the CTM), and my spelling and grammar is beginning to suffer from the intense learning of Portuguese.

So yeah, for what has happened for me . . . classes, classes, and classes. I am learning lots, but that’s all I am doing. Which actually has been a lot of fun. My companion´s name is Elder Johnson. And so far in Portuguese I can bear my testimony, say a prayer, and talk at a 6 month old level other than that. I can really bear testimony though that the Spirit helps us learn here. The program without the Spirit already is incredible, but with it, oh, it’s incredible. Like, I´ve been slightly sick since Saturday. I was trying my hardest to learn, but I just couldn't concentrate. The Spirit kicked in though and I haven´t gotten behind. As long as I try my hardest, I feel so much help from God!

Well, more next week I guess.
Bon Dia (Good day)
Elder Eyring

Friday, June 5, 2009

000/104 090603 Arrival at Brazil MTC

Picture: MTC (CTM) in São Paulo, Brazil

Dear Parents,

We are happy to send the good news that your missionary has arrived safely at the Brazil MTC. What a great joy and privilege it is to greet each missionary as they come through the front door of the MTC for the first time.

They now have companions and are settled into their rooms. They are assigned to a district with capable and caring instructors for language and lesson study. The branch presidents and their wives, who are usually a senior missionary couple or mature Brazilian couple, will soon give them a second greeting. These couples are rewarded in their callings through the love they always develop as they embrace and watch over the missionaries.

The MTC has a full time live-in physician to care for their health needs. He is assisted by his able wife. We are also happy to report that the Cafeteria food is abundant and very good.

We are also parents of children who have served as missionaries. And we have been missionaries who have left family. Please know that we are mindful of you and know of your love for your missionary.

Your very important young person is about to make an eternal difference in the lives of others. We hope you will be encouraged and comforted by this quote by President Lorenzo Snow: “There is no mortal man that is so much interested in the success of an elder [sister] when he is preaching the gospel as the Lord that sent him to preach to the people who are the Lord’s children.”

Please accept our love,
President and Sister Woodward

Mission Home Address:

Elder Nathan George Wendell Eyring
Box 5 District 23-A
Brazil Rio de Janeiro
Rua Padre Antônio D’Angelo, 121
Casa Verde, São Paulo, SP
Brazil 02516-040