Friday, June 25, 2010

056-048 100628 Oh, What A Story To Tell!

Oh what a story to tell this week! Lol. Apostasy!

So, this week I passed by a reference from the church of someone who had asked for a DVD. Well, she lived in this really ghetto apartment building that was falling apart, for example the handrails were mostly fallen and taken away. Then, when we got into her house we find out she is a rather large lady. Its some kind of sickness, and she is a good person and all that, but she even herself said that she would need a van emptied out for her to be able to fit in and get to church. Well, we get there and find out her mother is a inactive member that is now receiving visits from Jehovah Witness. Well, we start teaching and then the apostasy comes. We talked about Jesus Christ, and they started talking about how Michael the archangel is Christ, and my companion decided to say it was Adam. Then when they heard Adam they started cursing him for the fall, which is more normal. But the thought that the fall had something to do with a sexual sin between him and Eve. Then the mother went on and talked about the sacredness of sex for a while, which is true, but funny to have this old lady talking about. Then the subject of Cain came up, and how there must have been other people before Adam because Cain married someone from a city. So, apparently Adam was simply the first prophet. There were plenty of people before him, but he was the first person God put on the earth to serve him. But there already were loads of people. And what about the dinosaurs! Well, I now have an answer. Apparently, they were the animals on the earth BEFORE Adam. See, when God put Adam on the earth Adam named all the animals of today and God killed the dinosaurs and put these newer animals on the earth. Alright, then we went on and talked about the foundation of the church. I said how without a foundation, anything would fall, like the apartment for example. Then the daughter talked about how the building didn't have a foundation, and in fact one other building in the complex had already fallen because there wasn't a foundation. AND, that this building already almost fell, but then it didn't for some reason. Lol.

That was a fun lesson.

Well, thanks all!

Until later

Elder Eyring

055-049 100621 Pending

Picture: Ken Higa
055-049 100621 Pending

054-050 100614 Mission of Miracles

Picture: Brother - Allen
So, this last week we did incredible in the mission and so today the whole mission was in celebration. It is incredible to to be in this mission with such miracles.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

053-051 100607 The world is losing missionaries!

Picture: Costa Rica Money
Nathan's friend, Jeff Rowley, received his call to the Costa Rica, San Jose Mission. He reports on July 28, 2010.

So this week I want to tell everyone about something I've been seeing in my mission, something a little bit sadder.

The world is losing missionaries. Today there are missions closing and many wards without missionaries because of the great lack of those leaving for the mission. This is tragic!

I just got transfered from one ward to another, but the two are in the same building. When the first ward I was in found out they didn't have missionaries any more, it was tragic. Its hard for someone in Utah to understand, I realize that, but there was so much sadness in their looks. They did not do anything wrong, it simply was that the other ward had gone a year and a half without missionaries. They were needing missionaries as well.

So what does that mean, well, I know that there are those of you out there that can serve missions, but for whatever reason aren't. The Lord needs you! Imagine how He feels. Because of the agency He has given us, He must use servants, us here, at times to talk with His children. While all can go to Him in prayer, not everyone knows or realizes that. He wants with all His heart that His children can speak with Him and be with Him, but of necissity His arms are tied behind His back. He needs each and every one of us. He needs His children to help the others. Without this, all would be lost! There are so many people out in the world without the chance of hearing the good tidings of the gospel, simply because there are not enough workers in the field. The field is white and ready to harvest, but where are the workers!

I might have ranted a little, but I have created some strong feelings on this. I have learned where God needs us, and knowing what He did for me I want to do what I can for Him.

I hope all are well.

Elder Eyring

Thursday, June 3, 2010

052/052 100531 - Half-way Home

Picture: Utah Taco Sunday
Celebrating ove the hump.
Sunday 100613

This week marks the half-way point. It only gets better from here on.

051/053 100524 Transfer to Area #4

Picture: Google Map - Area 4
Hi all!

Not must time, I'm just saying hi. I got transferred again to a place called Itaguaí. Its out of the city a little bit, but all is well, I'll return one day.

Well, have a good time all!

Elder Eyring