Saturday, March 27, 2010

042/062 100322 Baptisms

Picture: US Constitution Page 1
So I have happy news, there were 4 baptisms yesterday! I love the work!

Oh, and having a president destroying the constitution and such actually will be good, because people won't accept it. They will fight for their rights. There will be an awakening. That prophecy that the constitution would hang by a thread, but it would be saved in the last moment, brings hope now. There will need to be a reconstruction, but things are always happy in reconstruction, and after life is good. I don't think the grand end has come yet, but there should be good. The awesome truth is that everything Satan does frustrates his own plan. Just as when he caused the fall, he helped God. The same thing happens now. The grand reality is that Satan only helps the plan of God. Without him, the plan of God would be frustrated. Satan never is able to truly cause harm, only we can when we choose too. But because he works, we have our agency. It is almost like a big joke on him. Silly devil, he just doesn't get it.

Elder Eyring

041/063 100315 The Book of Mormon

Picture: Conference CenterDear Elder GW,
Today the priesthood lesson was on the creation. It is wonderful that God created this earth for us so that we could could come to earth, and gain a body. As a result, we are candidates to receive all that the Father has; and even create worlds of our own someday. What a heratiage. What a future. Just choose the right, repent when necessary, and keep chosing the right. What a simple plan.
Love ya!

I liked that lesson too. One person said something I liked when they were talking about how the creation is a example of God's love for us. He was talking about how in the wilderness with Lehi and his family that God made the meat sweet. So in reality, God even worries about the quality and taste of the food we eat. That is awesome.
I love you dad!
Elder Eyring

Sunday, March 14, 2010

100314 - Recent Pictures - Scanned

... First companion, Elder Felix
... A Bird in the Hand...
... Second companion, Elder de Sousa
... Vera (loves my blue eyes)
... Third companion, Elder Santana
... Soon to be "Elder Santos"
... I love Bananas

Sorry. Scanned pictures are lower in quality.

Monday, March 8, 2010

040/064 100308 Testimony

Hi all!

So I don't have much time, so I'm just going to share my testimony. Lol, I'm a missionary, so what else would I do?

I have learned so much about how God blesses us in our trials. I remember how I was before my mission, and how I had specific problems that I never seemed to be able to resolve. Well, here on my mission I have been learning how grow. God has been giving me incredibly specific trials, trials that I can't deny are blessings from the hand of God.

I have had to learn how to eat more foods for example. I am now more liberal with eating foods than even some of my companions. I now can eat a lot more foods, and I can eat foods I don't like without nearly vomiting. Its wonderful! What a blessing it has been to receive cows feet, kidneys, liver, snout, and who knows what! God loves me so!

So yeah, that's all for this week!

Elder Eyring

039/065 100301 Isiah

So, I am going to talk about Isiah a little bit to everyone, trying to explain. So, to understand Isiah, you have to understand the great symbolism of how Christ is the bridegroom, and how each of us is the bride. So, throughout Isiah it talks about this slutty wife/bride (sometimes it uses both, just live with it =p) of that isn't loyal whatsoever. This can be applied to each of seeing of how in reality we are sinners and really, we afast ourselves of God so incredibly often without anything wrong that He did. It then talks about how God is always reaching out His hand to us in mercy, but if we do not accept He must punish us. Isiah follows the path of someone who waits to repent until the end, and t6usly God had to punish time after time after time, but always is extending His mercy. In the end, it talks about how when God and the Bride finally are at one in peace, and shows all the blessings that come when we are with God.

I don't know if I explained this well or not, but I hope it helps someone out there. To me now Isiah is simple, and it is simple because I look at in this manner. To any person, especially someone who is hurting, I would suggest read Isiah.

Weird me.

Have a good week!

Elder Eyring