Sunday, August 22, 2010

065/039 100830 Pending

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064/040 100823 Politics

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Title: Politics

This week there were a couple of interesting things that happened. There was for one thing a man we were teaching who for a little bit before the lesson started talking about politics. How he hated Bush, loved Obama, and stuff of that sort. I simply kept my mouth shut, because, I'm a missionary and I don't have opinions. Then he talked about how Fidel Castro was incredible. I nearly smirked a little . . . My inner side felt justified a bit. Lol.

Then later that day we were talking with a man that sells corn on the street when some drunk came up to us. He started asking if we eat pork. We said yes. Then he went on about how Ben Laden is killing us because we eat pork, that the Mormons don't drink coffee so why would we eat pork? Ben Laden is killing us because of the pork, he knows our thoughts, he knows everything. And continued on that for a while . . . Lol, that was funny.

Oh, the fun of Brazil!

Have a good week everyone!

Elder Eyring

063/041 100816 Mission is Truly Wonderful!

Picture: Elder Eyring & sister, Nicole

Quick letter!

I just wanted to say real quickly how the mission is truly wonderful! There is no better place to learn and to grow!

I hope the best for all of you at home. God always is there for you, always. Any difficulty passed is for your own good, and always you can hope for a better world.

Happy is he who serves the Lord!

Elder Eyring

062/042 100809 Bishop - Micheal Scott?

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What to say this week.

Well, elections are going on right now in Brazil. I have a lot of commentories I would love to give, but I can't really! It's against the rules. But I'll simply mention one of the things that goes on here and try to leave out my opinion.

Here, cars can go around with loud speakers on top to advertise and stuff like that. Well, in election season each candidate is picked out by the name and by their number. This makes it so right now there are loads of these cars with loud speakers going around the street playing a little jingle for different candidates. The music is meant to get stuck in your head, and has the name and the number. The music is at times made very well to get stuck in your head, but it is not made with the purpose of being actually enertaining. Its just to make people know the name and number of the candidate.

More than that, just think of me walking in the street with this music and you can guess my personal opinion ;)

Oh! I will tell everyone about this too. So, my current bishop is incredibly similiar to someone I remember so well before the mission. Michael Scott, from The Office. Lol, yes! My bishop looks similiar, and how he acts at times, lol, yes! My bishop is just less obsessed with certain sins . . . . the rest is so similiar! He always calls his wife "amor", or love, like Michael Scott did with Jan. The other day we had a family night and very tragically only children were able to come. So my companion and I decided to abreviate the message and show the film "The Restoration". So, we started to show the film, and before I could press play the bishop interrupted and started to teach his lesson. He teaches incredibly well, but it was hillarious to see how good he was with kids. In the same way as Michael Scott is almost . . . . Lol.

My Bishop is Michael Scott! How God blesses!

Well, that's all for this week! Thanks!

Elder Eyring

Oh, and for everyone to know, I now have a year in the mission field. Wow. That is so exciting. I know how to work, and now I can work even greater miricales (or better put, God can work greater miricales because His tool is now a better tool). Yay!

Have a good week everyone!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

061/043 100802 Pending

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