Sunday, August 22, 2010

064/040 100823 Politics

Picture: "Mister" Gavin


Title: Politics

This week there were a couple of interesting things that happened. There was for one thing a man we were teaching who for a little bit before the lesson started talking about politics. How he hated Bush, loved Obama, and stuff of that sort. I simply kept my mouth shut, because, I'm a missionary and I don't have opinions. Then he talked about how Fidel Castro was incredible. I nearly smirked a little . . . My inner side felt justified a bit. Lol.

Then later that day we were talking with a man that sells corn on the street when some drunk came up to us. He started asking if we eat pork. We said yes. Then he went on about how Ben Laden is killing us because we eat pork, that the Mormons don't drink coffee so why would we eat pork? Ben Laden is killing us because of the pork, he knows our thoughts, he knows everything. And continued on that for a while . . . Lol, that was funny.

Oh, the fun of Brazil!

Have a good week everyone!

Elder Eyring

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