Thursday, July 30, 2009

008/096 090729 Proselyting Downtown

Picture: Dad and friend Roberto. (Former Bishop of Mission Pres.)
Hi everyone!

So yes, proselyting went good. It is really different to teach downtown compared to right by the CTM. The CTM is in a suburb area which is where we proselyted before, this last time we went to the most downtown part of São Paulo. It was crazy! And it was raining! Yea for good waterproof shoes and a good umbrella!

So, the message from this week might sound prideful, but only if you read it wrong. Its one of the things God has done to help me, not something that I have done. So, our district for the last week is spending 15 minutes twice each day to have everyone tell one person why they like him. I got the opportunity to be told stuff yesterday. And one thing that came out was how diligent I am. Now, for those of you who know me from school work, I´m sure you all are about chocking from that idea. I mean, yes, I did do a lot of hard work, but I always procrastinated to the last second. I would do the work always at the last second, in scrunch it all in. Here I was being praised for working in the moment, for doing it over the proper amount of time. That isn´t me. Truly, God is able to transform people into who they need to be. That is a skill I have wanted to have for years, and when I finally decided to let the Lord help me with it, it came. Heavenly Father helps us in so many ways! Through Him all things are possible! I am so grateful for this gift!


Bom Dia,
Elder Eyring

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

007/097 090722 Going Downtown

Picture: Nephew Gavin is walking.

So I really have no time. Like one minute, so this will be quick y´all. This week has been good, same as all the others.

I have been proselyting on Friday, this time in downtown São Paulo. I trust God will help, but prayers are always nice ;) Have a prayer in your hearts, the church is true, get married in the temple, and tenha a bom dia! (for those who had Brother whatever his name is... Frost!)

Elder Eyring

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

006/098 090715 So I Went Proselyting!

Picture: Family Photo before Mission

So I went proselyting this week. That was so horrific and exciting at the same time. Really, I loved it though. The main thing I learned I think is that really this is the Lord´s work that I get to witness more then me actually doing something.

My Português still is terrible, I mean, I can without a doubt see how the Lord has blessed my life so incredibly much and blessed my language skills, but I have only been here since the beginning of June, and I have spent a load of time studying the gospel in English and being able to teach it in English before I translate it over to Português. Still, people listened. People even listened intently.

I was given two Book of Mormons to give out, and the Lord gave them to two people who generally seemed interested. My highlight of it (and of my life it almost seems like), is I was talking to one lady in my terrible Português and talked about how Christ came to America and loves us all and the restored gospel, and I knew that how I had said it there was no reason for her to be interested, but for some reason, when I asked if she wanted to hear more, she said yes. I was able to then just go into a lot more about the story of Christ coming to the Americas, I gave her a Book of Mormon, and I marked in it 3rd Nephi 11, and she said she would read it. And when I gave the Book of Mormon to her after she promised to read, she thought I was giving her one in English, and was surprised it was in Português. She was willing to read the scriptures in a foreign language even . . . .

I realized that she might not end up converting, but I know the Lord prepared her for blessings. This truly is the Lord´s work.

Bom Dia,
Elder Eyring

005/099 070708 Brazil Loves Soccer!

Picture: Oldest and youngest grandsons - Both served in Brazil. (Tim & Nathan)

Hi all,

So I´m going out to proselyte on Friday . . . with real people . . . . I´ll need prayers, so y´all know. I am incredibly excited, but it really is incredibly hard to fully communicate in Português. I know I will be blessed though.

Oh, and I´ve decided that English so badly needs a formal y´all! In Português voce is you and voces is y´all (basically), and it makes life SO much easier!

I experienced this past week just how much Brazil loves soccer. The final game for the season was I think last Wednesday, and the local soccer team (the Corinthians) won, and the most odd thing happened. From my room I heard these screams. And I mean screams like I was in the middle of a football stadium. The entire air in my area of São Paulo was filled with noise. It was insane. Then on top of that I think every citzen of São Paulo had a few fireworks to set off. That night was insane!

The Sunday after that one of the leaders pointed out a beautiful point of how it would be if only we could feel the same way about God as the Brazilians feel about soccer, how basically there would no longer be contentions in the world. I thought that was really interesting . . .

Oh, and July 4th was good. They decorated the cafeteria for lunch and we got hamburgers, fries, and ice cream. Then we were fasting that night, so we didn´t have anything extravegent (or anything) there.

Well, time to go. I hope things are going well for everyone in the good ol´USA. Everything is incredible for me because the Spirit of the Lord is with me because of my attempt to serve my hardest. Truly hard work does miricales (well, God through the hard work does miricales).

Bom Dia!
Elder Eyring

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

004/100 090701 God Loves Each And Every One Of Us

Picture: First-time Uncle on July 13, 2008

Since I´ve been down in Brazil I have learned something incredibly clearly. God loves each and every one of us. I have been reading a lot from the Old Testament while in the CTM because at the CTM I need to prepare myself as a person for the field, and when I´m in the field my studies will much more be to prepare me to teach those I know I need to teach that day. I know many people read the Old Testament and see those scriptures of Him being a jealous vengeful God. I have seen so clearly in there though that God provides to everyone of us every opportunity to come unto Him. Even when we choose to go away from Him, God always extends His arm of mercy, and all we must do is accept it.

Like with King David. He did actions that caused him to lose his exaltation. But from that point on David repented and came unto God, and the rest of the Old Testament, while admitting his fault, shows that David being willing to change blessed the rest of his life and the lives of all the children of Israel.

I know God loves us, and is always there for us. While we don´t understand everything He does, every little thing He does is to bless our lives and to provide ways for us to be happy. I know Jesus Christ is our Savior. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve one who so greatly served me, even if I am not that good of a servant.

I hope you all have a good week.

Elder Eyring

*Here are a few tidbits from his letter to mom that she thought you would like...

I know what you mean about how it seems like only yesterday I left, but then it seems like forever. My life is so different now, and I really am growing SO much. It is wonderful, but so odd. I really wonder how things will be when I get home and at least I will have grown so much.

The CTM food is ok . . . I went to Rodizio style grill today, and that was excellent. It was only 8.50 too! At the CTM though, it depends on the day. They just changed it so there is only one main course (there used to be two), and I only usually like their main courses . . . . But I´m learning to eat foods. I still detest rice and beans, but I am getting more used to them. Oh! And they took out the Guarana machine! Tragic! Whatever needs to happen needs to happen, but I´ll miss that!

I gave my first lesson in Portugese. That was exciting. It was the first one in Preach my Gospel, the restoration. And medium sized, for those that know what that is.

There is a new elder, Elder Ava something. He is Samoan. He was at the Provo CTM because of visa issues, then got swine flu, and now has come down. He was a rapper, which is interesting

Oh, and now I am at my hump week ;)

A week from Friday I´m going out for the first time to proselyte, I´ll probably be freaking out with that next week . . . . I already am.

I am doing well though. I really am. The spirit is strong, and even though there are challenges, everything turns out all right as long as you have faith. It truly is wonderful to see that.

My comapanion is from Ashburn, Virginia by the way. He went to BYU for a year though. But yeah, Virginia.

Tell everyone at home I love them. And thank you for your support. I never realized till I got here how nice a letter every now and again is. Thank you!