Thursday, July 30, 2009

008/096 090729 Proselyting Downtown

Picture: Dad and friend Roberto. (Former Bishop of Mission Pres.)
Hi everyone!

So yes, proselyting went good. It is really different to teach downtown compared to right by the CTM. The CTM is in a suburb area which is where we proselyted before, this last time we went to the most downtown part of São Paulo. It was crazy! And it was raining! Yea for good waterproof shoes and a good umbrella!

So, the message from this week might sound prideful, but only if you read it wrong. Its one of the things God has done to help me, not something that I have done. So, our district for the last week is spending 15 minutes twice each day to have everyone tell one person why they like him. I got the opportunity to be told stuff yesterday. And one thing that came out was how diligent I am. Now, for those of you who know me from school work, I´m sure you all are about chocking from that idea. I mean, yes, I did do a lot of hard work, but I always procrastinated to the last second. I would do the work always at the last second, in scrunch it all in. Here I was being praised for working in the moment, for doing it over the proper amount of time. That isn´t me. Truly, God is able to transform people into who they need to be. That is a skill I have wanted to have for years, and when I finally decided to let the Lord help me with it, it came. Heavenly Father helps us in so many ways! Through Him all things are possible! I am so grateful for this gift!


Bom Dia,
Elder Eyring

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