Wednesday, July 15, 2009

006/098 090715 So I Went Proselyting!

Picture: Family Photo before Mission

So I went proselyting this week. That was so horrific and exciting at the same time. Really, I loved it though. The main thing I learned I think is that really this is the Lord´s work that I get to witness more then me actually doing something.

My Português still is terrible, I mean, I can without a doubt see how the Lord has blessed my life so incredibly much and blessed my language skills, but I have only been here since the beginning of June, and I have spent a load of time studying the gospel in English and being able to teach it in English before I translate it over to Português. Still, people listened. People even listened intently.

I was given two Book of Mormons to give out, and the Lord gave them to two people who generally seemed interested. My highlight of it (and of my life it almost seems like), is I was talking to one lady in my terrible Português and talked about how Christ came to America and loves us all and the restored gospel, and I knew that how I had said it there was no reason for her to be interested, but for some reason, when I asked if she wanted to hear more, she said yes. I was able to then just go into a lot more about the story of Christ coming to the Americas, I gave her a Book of Mormon, and I marked in it 3rd Nephi 11, and she said she would read it. And when I gave the Book of Mormon to her after she promised to read, she thought I was giving her one in English, and was surprised it was in Português. She was willing to read the scriptures in a foreign language even . . . .

I realized that she might not end up converting, but I know the Lord prepared her for blessings. This truly is the Lord´s work.

Bom Dia,
Elder Eyring

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