Wednesday, July 15, 2009

005/099 070708 Brazil Loves Soccer!

Picture: Oldest and youngest grandsons - Both served in Brazil. (Tim & Nathan)

Hi all,

So I´m going out to proselyte on Friday . . . with real people . . . . I´ll need prayers, so y´all know. I am incredibly excited, but it really is incredibly hard to fully communicate in Português. I know I will be blessed though.

Oh, and I´ve decided that English so badly needs a formal y´all! In Português voce is you and voces is y´all (basically), and it makes life SO much easier!

I experienced this past week just how much Brazil loves soccer. The final game for the season was I think last Wednesday, and the local soccer team (the Corinthians) won, and the most odd thing happened. From my room I heard these screams. And I mean screams like I was in the middle of a football stadium. The entire air in my area of São Paulo was filled with noise. It was insane. Then on top of that I think every citzen of São Paulo had a few fireworks to set off. That night was insane!

The Sunday after that one of the leaders pointed out a beautiful point of how it would be if only we could feel the same way about God as the Brazilians feel about soccer, how basically there would no longer be contentions in the world. I thought that was really interesting . . .

Oh, and July 4th was good. They decorated the cafeteria for lunch and we got hamburgers, fries, and ice cream. Then we were fasting that night, so we didn´t have anything extravegent (or anything) there.

Well, time to go. I hope things are going well for everyone in the good ol´USA. Everything is incredible for me because the Spirit of the Lord is with me because of my attempt to serve my hardest. Truly hard work does miricales (well, God through the hard work does miricales).

Bom Dia!
Elder Eyring

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