Saturday, January 29, 2011

087/017 110131 Rio is wonderful!

Picture: Rio Country

I love being in Rio! I love this city! I love my new area! I'm in Curicica in Rio.

My new companion is Elder Walker. We actually were in BYU marching band at the same time. He kind of remembered me, and I kind of remembered him. Probably more him to me though because, well, drumline gets more attention then any other area in marching band. The violence is much better, and my area wasn't having the problems. It was over in Morro de Alemão (German hill), Bom Sucesso (Good Success), e Ramos (Branches) that were having problems.

086/018 110124 Pending

Picture: "Catching" the bus!

085/019 110117 A little water logged

Picture: Marcio & Companion

Jan 12
At the request of President Bezerra:

Please be advised that all of the missionaries in our mission are safe.
The accidents and tragedies that happened in Teresópolis did not affect any missionary residence.

Thank you.

-Elder Evans
Executive Secretary
Brasil Rio de Janeiro Mission

Jan 17
I'm in a safer area for the rain, so all is well. I heard about Australia as well, the news here is saying (supposedly from what people told me ;p) that they had much better emergency programs set up there, so even though the rain is even worse then here, there are much fewer deaths. But yeah, for me, I'm not really in the mountains. There are mountains close by here, but we aren't going to go there. And I'm getting transfered in a week.

084/020 110110 Bus Ride

Picture: Corney Ice Cream

A funny thing happened this week that shows perfectly how my area is (small and rural):

We were taking a bus back to the area from the local city (about the size of Orem/Provo) which takes about a hour. On the way back there was a loud noise and people started half screeming. The back tire broke and we had to stop and pull over. When we were out I decided to take a picture of the tire because I was having many difficulties this week of actually being in my area and this was a perfect example. When I took the picture everyone got interested and someone said how I was going to put it into the newspaper. I laughed my head off. I said I just liked pictures, and everyone got dissapointed.

Sadly, the most interesting thing that happened that day in Macabu was the fact that the tire erruptured and we were stuck on the side of the road. Only here would people think that so interesting that it would be in the paper. I should have sent in the picture, maybe it would have been!

Oh, and that reminds me of one excuse I had to not go to church. The person talked about having to milk the cows. I was far away from my full out area, so I just laughed and accepted and went on my way.

Have a good week all!

Elder Eyring

083/021 110103 Pending

Picture: Love the puppies!