Saturday, March 27, 2010

041/063 100315 The Book of Mormon

Picture: Conference CenterDear Elder GW,
Today the priesthood lesson was on the creation. It is wonderful that God created this earth for us so that we could could come to earth, and gain a body. As a result, we are candidates to receive all that the Father has; and even create worlds of our own someday. What a heratiage. What a future. Just choose the right, repent when necessary, and keep chosing the right. What a simple plan.
Love ya!

I liked that lesson too. One person said something I liked when they were talking about how the creation is a example of God's love for us. He was talking about how in the wilderness with Lehi and his family that God made the meat sweet. So in reality, God even worries about the quality and taste of the food we eat. That is awesome.
I love you dad!
Elder Eyring

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