Saturday, March 27, 2010

042/062 100322 Baptisms

Picture: US Constitution Page 1
So I have happy news, there were 4 baptisms yesterday! I love the work!

Oh, and having a president destroying the constitution and such actually will be good, because people won't accept it. They will fight for their rights. There will be an awakening. That prophecy that the constitution would hang by a thread, but it would be saved in the last moment, brings hope now. There will need to be a reconstruction, but things are always happy in reconstruction, and after life is good. I don't think the grand end has come yet, but there should be good. The awesome truth is that everything Satan does frustrates his own plan. Just as when he caused the fall, he helped God. The same thing happens now. The grand reality is that Satan only helps the plan of God. Without him, the plan of God would be frustrated. Satan never is able to truly cause harm, only we can when we choose too. But because he works, we have our agency. It is almost like a big joke on him. Silly devil, he just doesn't get it.

Elder Eyring

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