Sunday, September 20, 2009

015/089 090914 I've Been Trained

Picture: City & Baptisims

So guess what everyone, I´ve been trained! Tomorrow the new missionaries will get here to Rio. I am no longer the newest person in the field. That's great. I got transferred. My new area is large, but is flat. So I´m happy. And I have a new companion. Another Brazilian, and he can´t speak much English I think. I´ll see better as I get to know him. We´ve only been companions for like 5 hours, so yeah, we´ll see how things turn out.

Another thing for y´all to guess what about! I can speak Portuguese! I am not fluent, but I can say I can speak Portuguese. This past week to an investigator I taught a lesson without really any help, and it wasn´t a Preach my Gospel lesson, it was a lesson that was fitted to the needs of the investigator. And the Spirit touched her! It was awesome! And I taught a gospel essentials class. That was difficult. But yeah, I wouldn´t be lieing if I said I could speak Portuguese, only if I said I was fluent. That is awesome.

So one thing I find kinda funny is that with my companion, he´s shorter than me. So for whatever reason I kinda feel more mature. Stupid, I know. But before, my trainer was fat, and I was new, and I felt really young. With this elder, I don´t feel like a useless inferior that doesn´t even know how to speak. Its kinda nice. He knows the area really well and he knows how to speak better, so I´ll still be needing a lot of help from him, but its a lot different then feeling like I am some crazy American lost in the Brazilian nation that is really just a confused, sad little man. Its nice.

So God really provides a lot of miracles. This past week we baptized someone that everyone that knew her was amazed that she was baptized. And then she after the baptism and confirmation showed a difference. She was happier. She was calmer. God performed such a miracle for her. I love it. (Nathan's lesson that he taught made the difference in her.)

Lol, so for this lan house, I came in and Love Story by Taylor Swift was playing, and now The Climb by Miley Cyrus is playing. Its rather sad that I love this kind of music so much, but that's the kind of guy I am I guess. Lol. And no, I´m not allowed to listen to it. But I can´t help but hear it, and its a losing struggle to not listen some. Oh the happiness.

I miss music so! Really, when I get home I think that its very well possible that the first thing I do when I get home is pull out my pad and a pair of sticks and go at it! Well, yes, say hi to people and such. But eventually get back to my true love ;) I really will be so sad to leave Brasil though . . . So many people here that I already love, and that might be leaving and never seeing them again. That isn´t something I would be excited about, but I guess that´ll be ok.

Lol, now one song by . . . . oh whats her name . . . . can´t remember. Its the girl from Camp Rock, and her song from Camp Rock.

Oh, yes, the music here in Rio seems to be like 6 months old from the US music. Don´t know why, but that's what happens.

Well, I´m needing to leave. Everyone have a good week!

Oh, one last thing. Everyone, thanks for being my friend (family included). I´ve learned very clearly that my strength I have within me is learning from my friends, from my family, and from my heritage. But its amazing how much more effective my teaching is when I talk of one of you. So yes, thank you. And yes, by the time I leave, you´ll all be famous in Rio. (Lol, no, not really. Brazilians won´t be able to say half of your names. Lol. But we can pretend.)

Bom Dia

Elder Eyring

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