Sunday, September 6, 2009

013/091 090831 God Really Answers Prayers

Picture: First Baptism

Hi all!

I want to give you all a list of food I´ve eaten here that I never would have eaten before my mission:

-Beans and Rice (lol)
-A mixture of chicken that included chicken feet
-Cow feet
-my companion had pig snout, I couldn´t quite do that one . . . .
-Really questionable soup. I don´t like soup at all! Questionable soup though! Scary.
-This dish of a mixture of rice, peas, octopus, squid, shrimp, and hard boiled eggs. (this actually tasted SO good. It was at this nice restaurant that members took me to when I was on a division in a different area then mine.)
-who knows what else . . . (I sadly don´t)

I just wanted to share that. Those that knew how picky of an eater I was, well, now, I am a lot better. A LOT better! When I get home I won´t only be able to eat food normal people eat, but even the odd and the bizarre, because that's what I have to feast on everyday less I offend the members.

So any funny stories for you . . . hmmmmm . . . .. . I can´t remember. Days blend together here in a big huge mess because of tiredness. I have one question for everyone, a riddle in fact that I still haven´t found an answer that makes enough sense. Why would someone build their house on the peak of a mountain, especially when they don´t have a car? At least the majority of these mountains I climb aren´t true mountains, just really really big hills, but still! I will have a lesson on one mountain, get done, have 40 min to get to another lesson, that is on the other corner of my area on another mountain. So we are running down and out of the favela, down into the kinda city area, across up into another favela, and up a mountain. It really is insane!

But the Lord blesses me for it! I am going to come home with such muscles! Oh yes! Its winter and I have lost some weight, while gaining muscle! And don´t think I´m starving, really, I wish I could eat less at lunch! Lol, when summer comes, I will get so skinny. I´ll need to fatten up when I get home, lol. I´m so excited for this mission! (and stuff now too, of course, but really, it´ll be different when I actually have a clue of whats going on.)

So whats up with every 6 weeks for letters since I´ve had some questions. Well, my area is right by the mission headquarters area, so I tend to get my mail every 2 weeks about. But why that is is because my address isn´t where I live, but to the mission headquarters. Mail can be unreliable, and if I get emergency transferred out of my apartment, then I won´t ever receive that bit of mail. But through the office I always receive it. So every time I see one of my leaders that has gone to the headquarters, I get mail. Which is about every 2 weeks for now. But occasionally its 3 or 4. If I go to a far out area in the boondocks, it´ll be every 6. yeah.

So spiritual thought time, since I´m a missionary. God really answers prayers. I have never been on my knees so much. And because of my prayers, and the mercy of God of course, I am always finding people to help. I actually had a person come up to me and say I want to talk with you and set up a time with us for a lesson. Of course God is already preparing people, and has already prepared many, but through my prayers I have been able to be a tool for God. Prayers are answered. There are a lot of other stories I have with this .. . . . but not time, and I don´t feel right sharing them. Suffice it to say that I know that God answers prayers. In this I think its now more than faith, it has become knowledge (to see that saying something can become more than faith, look at Alma 32.)

So yeah, again, I don´t have much time. So, Bom Dia, good week to y´all!

Elder Eyring

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