Monday, August 24, 2009

012/092 090824 Miracles: Beans and Rice, and NO Gag Reflex!

Picture: Rio de Janeiro from Helicoptero

Hi all!

This past week was good! Especially since I ate a plate of beans and rice and finally didn´t want to gag. I even wanted more. I now know I´ll be able to survive my mission! ;)

Ahhh . . . so there is one view of my area that I need to take a picture from. I am going back to that spot soon, and hopefully it´ll be sunny. You will alll be jealous when you see it, hehe.

This past week was good. I did a division with my district leader. That was interesting. This coming week (tomorrow more precisely) is going to be interesting though. My district leader is going to do a division with my companion, so I´ll be with his companion. This companion came to Rio with me and was in my district at the MTC (for family, he is the guy that was on my paperwork for the flight to Brazil). So basically, he knows the same amount of Portugese as I do. This will be interesting. But it´ll be ok. I´m not fluent, but I can speak with Brazilians.

Our Father has enabled me to learn a lot this past week. It is amazing how intricate His plan for us is. Really, I am beginning to believe that after this life when we realize everything God did for us in our lives, each second of our lives will become precious monuments to the love of our God. Literally each second. There is so much that has happened that if things were changed at all I would have missed out on so much. And even our trials are blessings from God. Ask Paul (the old apostle). Its amazing what I have been blessed with.

Well, time always calling. I hope things are going well for everyone. I really do.

Bom Dia,

Elder Eyring

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