Tuesday, November 3, 2009

022/082 091102 Mormons should be the most humble

Picture: Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley

So what news do I have from this week? I ate a whole bunch of beans and rice . . . . . I walked . . . . . ummm, yeah.

Sometimes its hard to know what to write, lol.

Oh, I find it intersting how Satan works sometimes (starting out so spiritual, huh?). There is one family that we started teaching, then there was a problem that a neighbor was an old Seventh Day pastor. I never knew how stubborn (or strong, however you want to put it) they are in their believes. About as stubborn as those Mormons. Well, with that the spirit was lost as with a few things we tried to show, and then argue, how the scriptures say certain things (like its fine that Sunday is the Sabath). I learned then the importance of the Book of Mormon. We ended simply by bearing testimony of the Book of Mormon and he promised to read and pray,and actually was open. Well, great, we were now doing well with about 10 or so people (which was wonderful). Then the next day we are teaching and the current pastor for 7th day comes in. When we asked why he wouldn't read the Book of Mormon he simply said I don't see the need. Any attempt we tried show the need was simply counteracted by how he has a bible. It almost felt like he worshiped the bible really . . . . . But really, there is such possiblity of strengthening and growth if we win this battle of the great war (ten baptisms is a wonderful thing), and as such Satan seems to be sending all he has at us. Lol, sometimes Satan simply reminds me of a crying schoolgirl, but I guess I shouldn't be so offensive to that poor girl. And sadly people give him such power. That power they give him I must admit is annoying.

So I'm just wondering a little, why in the world would someone want to stop learning? If the Bible contains all we need to be saved, fine, but if the Book of Mormon can help us understand whats in the Bible and even add more, why in the world is that bad? Why is it even only unneeded? What is so terrible about eternal progression?

I guess that is the true difference of our religion and many others. We believe in continual progession. Of course we have a prophet, we still need to progess. Of course there is more than the Bible,we still need to progess. Of course God speaks with man, we still need to progress. Of course after this life we have the potential to be more than just angels praising God, we still need to progess. What other Christian church truly teaches about eternal progession? And I guess that if they don't convert in this life or the next then they will be stuck in the Terrestial Kingdom, where there eternal progression is limited to the one they serve, and I guess the reap the fruits of what they sowed.

I guess that also means us Mormons should be the most humble of churches, because we should admit that we know practically nothing about the eternal scheme of things, and that we are simply little children trying to stand the most complex problems of the universe.

Lol, I like this perspective better. It makes things more realistic I think.

Lol, that reminds of something else. There was a preperation day activity that we did in my zone, and for part they had us split up into groups to make up our own religions to present to the others. Then my mind of course started to go through millenia of philosophy and ideas and was having fun thinking up of a new religion. Then the first thing my group said is what scriptures should we use. BORING!!!! Lol, in my opinion. All scriptures in my opinion point to our religion, and its just annoying to look at them other ways. But an entirely new concept outside of our religous prespectives, oh, that is fun. To try to change someone to a Christian is enertaining and exciting, to try to change Christians strong in another faith is kinda annoying because they use the same scriptures half the time to show the same thing, and they simply have to read the Book of Mormon. So if we are succesful, its happy,but its because God did everything. If we aren't, its just a pain talking to these people usually.

I am rambling a lot this time. Sorry. I'm done now.

Have a good week!

Elder Eyring

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