Tuesday, November 17, 2009

023/081 091109 One Huge Blessing - Girls For Friends

Picture: Shakespear Festival - 2005
Hi all,

Well, I've learned this past week due to some headaches I've had one huge blessing of having a lot of your friends being girls, they always have some kind of pain medicine on them, at least one of them. That is so useful! I decided I needed a couple of pills, and then I realized I was with guys, and realized tragically that asking for pain medicine would just get me some weird looks and no medicine. So yes, thank you all of you girls out there. I'm not glad that you have the need to carry that medicine, no, that is tragic, but I am glad you have it.

So other then that, what can I say about this week. Not really much . . . . . not much happened. I can't say why without breaking a couple of rules (for those of you that this makes sense too, great, for those of you that it doesn't, don't worry). Ummmmm, yeah. Really, I have very little to report on.

So yeah, that's all for this week. I'm actually writing little for once, what a miricale!

Elder Eyring

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