Monday, November 30, 2009

026/078 091130 HUGE Rain Storm Even For Brazil

Picture: BYU 26 Utah 23

I was in a member's house while he had on the TV Beethoven translated to Portugese. It got to the part when Beethoven was taken to be put to sleep. I learned how to say in Portugese put to sleep. Sacrificar, or translated to english, sacrifice. That is terrible! How could I tell my child that our loving wonderful dog was sacrificed?! Really, that is just depressing!

. . . . . Just had to mention that. That took me by suprise when all of a sudden I heard já sacrificado! Or already sacrificed!

So this past week there was a HUGE rain storm. I mean HUGE! My companion, who is Brazilian and this next transfer this next week will be his last transfer, said he had never seen rain so strong. We were under about 5 feet of protection and still had no hope of not getting soaked. The rain literally was horizontal. The roads turned into rivers in about 2 minutes or less. The lighting was beautiful though. But really, that was insane!

I keep on learning more and more about how much prayer really works. Its truly amazing. If you really pore your heart out to God, there really will be blessings given back and miricales will happen. It is truly amazing.

So I just want to say quickly how glad I am for my mission president. If you remember from a general letter I wrote a couple of weeks ago president prohibited soccer. I'm going to explain a little more with this. When I first got to the mission, all the new elders and sisters told President a little bit about them going around the table. One person said that they like soccer, and president interrupted and said do you like soccer, or do you love it? President was nearly a professional soccer player, and decided not to be because of church callings. He loves soccer so. When he prohibited soccer, he gave up that entire part of his life. That really was a sacrifice for him I'm sure. But that is how he is. Really, I'm so thankful for this man.

Oh, and GO BYU!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. . . . . Hehe, I'm just a little happy for them.

Well, I hope all is well for y'all. Have a good week!

Elder Eyring

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