Saturday, November 28, 2009

025/079 091123 Soccer Is Prohibited

Picture: Real Salt Lake wins MLS Cup

So I have a moment of pride to tell you all (lol, how great a missionary I am, huh? ;p) So, I was with a group of Brazilian missionaries waiting for interviews, and they were talking about some stuff in soccer I wasn't too interested in, and as such didn't comment. They then said something about us Americans that can't understand a thing they are saying. Immediately I responded, "I understand!" They all got a kick out of that, then asked what they were talking about. I then told them. Lol, they got a nice laugh out of that all. Oh, Brazilians, they are a load of fun.

I have another thing to report about France that I learned, that I don't know if you all have learned. Another proof of their cowardice! In their last qualifying round for the world cup against Ireland (I think) they won because one of their players scrored a goal after placing the ball better with his hand. It was clearly obvious on the tapes. But the ref didn't see or something of the sort ( . . . . .$?) and because of this goal France won and is in the World Cup. So much like France! (I have no idea when I got this prejudice against France, lol. I love you all over there, don't worry, I'm mostly kidding with you [and why I wrote a message to French men that will never read this, I don't know, lol])

If you havn't noticed, its another weird mood week (I guess like all the others, lol).

Speaking of soccer, soccer is prohibited now in my mission. A missionary had to get stiches because of it, and my mission president didn't like that, and so we can't play soccer. That's a weird thought when you are in Brazil! I trust my president though to do what is best.

Then moving on to another subject (again, conversations are translated for your convience, so yes, some of this doesn't sound perfect or isn't quite as interesting as it would be in Portugese, but thats because its translated!) So one member from my ward was on the bus and saw a person with a wristband that said "MTC". He was curious and looked closer, and it said further "Methodist Training Center". Lol, I didn't know there was that type of MTC.

So spiritual time. Really, this church is true. This week someone was baptized, because he felt like he needed to come to our church, because he felt good at church, and because he wanted to follow Christ. We were busy the first time we talked to him last Sunday during church and planned a lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon. He had already read all of the introduction parts by the time we talked with him. He was so ready before we even talked with him! Really though, this church must be true! I just can't see how it isn't!

I love my area . . . . =D

Well, have a good week all!

Elder Eyring

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