Tuesday, November 3, 2009

020/084 091019 "God Bless the Broken Road"

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So, lets see if I can write everything I want to this week. There is a lot!

So, I forgot to add one other weird food to my list. Liver. It actually isn't that bad. I would eat it willingly without complaint any day here. Back in the US, maybe I wouldn't be so willing, because its not the culture to eat it so why in the world would someone serve it?! But here, yeah, I am not scared at all to eat it.

So, Blue Man Group, my heros, are huge here in Brazil. There is a telephone company called TIM, and they are the propaganda for them. So everywhere I go, they are there . . . sniff . . . . I miss percussion . . ..

Speaking of music, I hear some classical music, and oh how I miss it! I am starving! One of the first things I want to do when I get back is go to a concert . . . . . by the way . . . .

Zone conference was this past week. It was good. Everyone read the Book of Mormon before and there was a strong spirit. I like my mission.

So, funny story, my zone is named Rio de Janeiro, but my zone is entirely out of the city of Rio de Janeiro, but still is in the state of Rio de Janeiro. My city is Caxias, and touches Rio, but still isn't in it. I kinda laugh at that.

So I'm reading Mormon Scientist (with permission from my Mission President). Its about Henry Eyring (President Eyring's father). There is a funny story in it I'm going to share, and see if it reminds you of anyone. So the first time his second wife saw him (his first had recently died), it was at church, and he looked scroungy and such, didn't go every week, and she thought the only reason he was going to church was to receive a free handout. Well, she reluctantly went on a date on him to a church meeting (he was about 70 at the time, so I think that would be a good date for that age) where she felt a little indignant when he left her in the audience to go sit on the stand. She then found out that he was there speaking on Science and Religion. (At this point, he was one of the most world renowned chemists and was in a high up position in the church as well).

Does that sound like me at all? Not the world renowned part, but the whole seeming rather unappealing and seemingly like a unworthwhile mut, and then coming out with some actually intelligent thing. How often is my dress a little dirty or a little rugged (well, that you can remember)? But then I do have my moments where I'm actually intelligent. (I know, surprising, but it is true). Lol, I love it!

Ok, spiritual time.

So, I read a quote from President Howard W. Hunter, "Out detours and disappointments are the straight and narrow path to Him [Jesus Christ]" This made me think of the song by Rascal Flatts "God Bless the Broken Road" . . . How there is some many things in our lives that are so hard, but these things actually point us to Christ, and bring us closer to Him. We should have followed Christ in every moment, but eventually, if we choose Him in the end, it will be all but forgotten and we will bask in His love for us, "For after much tribulation come the blessing" (D&C 58:4)

I also have been really impressed by the fact that as Christ was taking His cross to Gethsemane, not even Him, the All-Powerful God of all, the Creator of the Universe, had all the strength needed to carry it. Well, of course if needed He could, so there must be significance in that for us to learn from. And I think it is that even our Savior needed help. He wasn't able to do it alone. In the last moments, He was left utterly alone, but to prepare, He had the comforting angel in Gethsemane and Simeon to carry His cross. And with this, Christ knows the pains we have. He knows how we need His help. We must go to Him. He will comfort us in our pains, He will carry our cross. He loves us so. He was showed mercy, and He is just, so of course we willed be shown mercy as well.

I hope you all have a good week

Elder Eyring

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