Tuesday, November 17, 2009

024/080 091116 Miracles Are Happening Here!

Picture: Sunset in Brazil
So this will be short this week, low on time.

First I want to say there are plenty of miracles are happening here, and as such, thank you for your prayers. If you wonder if they do anything, they really do. This past Sunday someone came to church saying he wanted to change his life and wanted our help. I've had plenty of experiences before too where people come and talk to us, not that we found them. Thank you so for your prayers.

And also, I've been thinking about how people rejected Christ, and why. I realized something, probably almost none thought he was sinless that knew Him. It is a common thing that all of us do that at times, we think good is bad and bad is good. We shouldn't, but we all do it. (And don't try and tell me any of you don't ;P.) And so I could imagine that some of those who knew Christ personally didn't necessarily like Him. He was a goodie-goodie, He wouldn't stand for unrighteousness, He always obeyed His mother, even when He didn't agree, He didn't have any form or comeliness. So imagine, someone you thought flawed and you were impressed with, but didn't necessarily like, were to say He was the long awaited Savior. How would you feel? So for me, its kind of humbling. It is very well possible any one of us would have rejected the Savior too if we didn't humble ourselves. So yes, be humble. Please.

That's it for this week.


Elder Eyring

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