Tuesday, November 3, 2009

021/083 091026 God loves all of you so dearly

Picture: Maracanã Stadium

Hi all,

So last week, I went to Maracanã. Its a HUGE (177,000 person capacity) soccer stadium in Rio that will be the home for the finals of the World cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. That thing really is so huge. It makes the Lavell Edwards stadium look like a child's play thing (. . . . more or less). That was awesome!

So random genealogy that I am going to brag about. Henry Carlos Eyring (who is my great great grandfather and the great grandfather of President Eyring) was the recorder in the Saint George Temple when the temple work was done for the founding fathers and reformers. Their names are written in his handwriting. Isn't that awesome!? I love my heritage!

So I want you all to remember, as that nice winter chill is starting to come, and you are beginning to put on coats and snuggle up in happiness, here, its beginning to be Summer. Let me emphasize two words. BEGINNING and SUMMER. The winter here is about the same temperature it is a the same time during the summer up there in Utah. And then it gets worse. And its humid. I am pretty sure I'm going to die. I already have lost an ok amount of weight. I am healthy and all, and I'm eating plenty, its just I sweat of a pound a day it feels like! Just thought y'all should know that ;)

So I decided to take a page from the book of those that cry that if you cry out the name of Jesus you'll be saved. I don't believe that now, don't worry, but I remember reading Romans 10:9-10 which is one of the scriptures they used to back that up. It says something about those that believe unto righteousness will be saved. I then thought about so many of my friends that have thought that they couldn't be saved, but honestly believed in the Lord and Savior of them and me (or us). I guess this bit is going out to all those people (which is surprisingly seemingly all I know it almost feels like, since every human seems to go through this feeling at once in their life). What is a belief unto righteousness? My honest opinion is not that its simply a calm believe (that isn't truly a believe) that if you only cry the name of the Lord you will be saved, or that you have to believe so strongly in the Lord that you are perfectly righteous, but a belief that continually moves you to be better and makes you more and more righteous. Now there will be moments where you choose to retrograde, to be less then what your belief says you should be. You will make mistakes, you might make huge mistakes, but if you have a belief unto righteousness, you will be saved. If you have a belief that makes you want to repent, even if you feel you can't, if you have a belief that moves you to go to church, to read the scriptures, if you have a belief that causes the Holy Ghost to burn within you by a calm whisper or some other sign, if you have a belief . . . .

Basically, if you believe in Jesus Christ our Savior, if you truly do, and that belief makes you become better, or in other words is "unto righteousness", you will be saved. In the Celestial Kingdom, at the highest level. It'll take time, be patient. But it'll come. You will come.

God loves all of you so dearly. I have said that in practically all my past letters, and I will probably say that in all my future ones. Because its true, and if it wasn't, none would be saved. This is the true message of happiness, the true power of the universe. God loves you, and if you have a belief unto righteousness in Him, you will be saved. Not you maybe will be, not you have the potential to be, you WILL be.

Well, I've had my weekly rant. I hope you all are doing well.

Oh, and if any of you are thinking, "I wonder what I could get my oh so dear Elder Eyring for Christmas" I have your answer. Of course I wouldn't mind candy or a tie, I would love a hand-written letter so much! I know its kinda of early to be saying what I want for Christmas, but keep in mind if you do decided to send candy, a tie, or whatever else you want, it'll take a while.

I'm mostly just kidding, I mainly just want to ask for those hand-written letters. I'm strange like that ;)

Have a good week y'all

Elder Eyring

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