Monday, October 19, 2009

019/085 091012 "You Talk To Fast"

Picture: Elder Eyring's District

Hi all,

So guess what I got told this last week. "Slow down! You talk too fast!". YAY! Yes, my pronunciation is still terrible in Portugese, but, I'm able to think fast enough in Portugese to talk too fast! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And also, someone said that I look like I'm 27 years old. I couldnt really believe it. She was serious though. Then I asked someone else, who said I looked 23 to him. I asked someone else, who said 19 (yay for right!), and then another who said 17. So I guess I'm just a mystery age or something. Its normal for people to think people look different ages, but 10 years in difference . . . . . hmmm . . . .

So guess what I found from the scriptures this week. So, in Alma 45:22 it talks about Alma's sons preaching, then 48:18 about all his sons preachings, then in 49:30 names his sons, Helamon, Shemlom, and Corianton. So Corianton, that sinner who commited fornication DURING his mission, even him, was able to recieve forgiveness and preach once more. YAY!!!! Now I'm not saying this because I have any ideas about myself, don't worry, I just love showing the great examples of repentance, because nothing else brings me greater hope.

So I had testimony meeting yesterday at church. I think I should tape it next month as an example of what testimony should be like! After the bishop sat down saying everyone that would like to give their testimony to come up, the entire congregation seemed to stand at once, because all wanted to bear their love for Christ their Lord! It was incredible! And still after this more people slowly filtered up to the pulpit. Basically, there was never that awkward silence where no one will give their testimony, because of my awesome ward! =D

Ahhh, its been a good week.

So what all should I tell y'all? I dont really know what people want to hear. As far as things I'm actually doing, well, I'm being a missionary. There isn't much more to say then that . . . . But if anyone wants me to include something else in this general email, just ask.

So there is this funny thing, any time I cheer my nation on for the World Cup in 2010, they just start laughing. They think I was joking or something like that. I am kinda struggling to understand this . . . . . (no, I'm not struggling to understand.) I just am slowly hoping more and more America can actually stand strong in the World Cup if they don't win. [which they sadly won't . . . .])

I might take a nap today . . . . so y'all know . . . . .

Well, I think thats all for this week.

Até mais! (until more, I can't say Bom Dia right now, because it's afternoon for me, and that just feels weird.)

Elder Eyring

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