Friday, October 9, 2009

014/090 090907 This week was interesting

Picture: Maracana Soccer Stadium

So this last week was interesting. On Saturday, I went to the hospital because the mother of the first person I baptized was in the hospital and we made a visit. That was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. I was in a hospital as a religious minister . . . People actually came up to me and my companion asking for a blessing for a family member (they were members). It was so humbling . . . .

This trip had some major advantages though. Namely, the sightseeing on the car ride there. We took a road to get there that went up a mountain on the side of Rio, then you could see all of the city from the mountain to the beach. It was plainly amazing. I have never seen a more beautiful city in my life. Keep in mind too that I´ve been to London, Paris, Tahiti, Costa Rica, New York, D.C., Vegas, San Fransisco, Sacramento, Seattle, etc. It is plainly amazing.

Then on the way back we took a way that just so happened to take us by the soccer stadium in Rio. Let me just say, it is HUGE!!!!!! I mean HUGE!!!! Wow. It is going to have the World Cup in 2014, and possibly Rio will have the Olympics in 2016. It was amazing! That was so incredibly incredible!

The Lord truly is blessing me a lot. I honestly don´t know why I am so blessed, but oh, I´m grateful! I really don´t deserve all that the Lord gives me!

Lol, just random side comment, Dragonball Z is on right now where I´m doing email stuff. Its the beginning of the Boo series. I´m not watching, don´t worry, I just know where in the story it is because I´m a crazy freak and can with seeing something for 5 seconds know where in the story it relates too.

So, everyone, I´ve made an odd decision. I have plenty of reasons, but I´m just going to give two. So, my odd decision, I´m not going to write friends for a little bit. Because, I´ve been far too distracted. I really haven´t been giving my whole heart, might, mind, and soul to the work, and that's bad. And second reason, I felt calmer when praying about this then other choices of what to do. Not that this is the only right thing to do, but I think its the best thing for me personally to do. So yeah, for a little bit, I´m not writing to friends. But this shouldn´t be too different for anyone at home, just different enough that someone would notice and so I´m saying something.

Now, please still write letters. I can´t really expect you too, but please! still write letters! I will respond to every single letter after this. I promise! And right now is the beginning of a school year, with so many things going on. I want to know whats going on SO badly! I guess I won´t know for a little while what is going on, but its so much better if something is written soon after something happens then a two months after it happens. So yes, I´ll write back to every letter! Pinky-swear!

Oh, and I´ll still write this general letter so people can still be clued into my life ;) And I´ll write a lot of letters today for y´all =)

So yes, the Lord blesses all of us so plentifully. I really have been blessed to have my eyes opened to see how the Lord truly is throughout everything in our lives. Lol, and as such I feel like such an unthankful fool. I´m learning though! Our Savior and our Father truly bless us in all things, even our trials. It is amazing!

Well, till next week!

Elder Eyring


Oh! I am adding something else!

So, I broke one of my goals for my mission. I thought I would be able to go two years without holding a girls hand, but I failed miserably. My heart was stolen by a little 9 year old, Deborah. Now time for excuses ;)

This is a little girl that I got the opportunity to baptize. But she had the same problem I had with baptism, she was scared to get dunked in the water. So, trying to comfort her before, she took hold of my hand for one part, and I couldn´t say no! So adorable! And she was crying. How could I say no! It took a while after we got in the freezing water to get her baptized too. But it worked out! And she was confirmed this last Sunday too. Yay!

Ok, that's all. Have a good week all!

Elder Eyring

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