Friday, October 9, 2009

018/086 091005 Brazil gets the Olympics

Picture: Brazil Olympic Committee Celebrates!

So guess where the Olympics will be in 2016! Just guess where! Come on! Well, I'm a missionary in Rio getting really excited about the location . . . . so I wonder . . . . YES!!!! IN RIO DE JANEIRO!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

Just a little excited . . . . .

So it was kinda funny. When there was a temple announced in Fortaleze Brazil my companion was stoked because he's from Fortaleza, but all of these Rio citizens were slightly sad and slightly indignant. They asked, and What about Rio? So yes, my goal before I leave is to have a temple announced here in Rio. Lol, I'm just one missionary, so I will have to hope that others will help with this, but yeah, I would love to hear that so!

So my favorite quote from conference. I can't remember who gave it, I remember it was someone with a strong accent from the seventy. But I loved his talked so. More or less, "The impossible can become possible" I thought that summed everything up. With the talks on repentance, how we always can repent of whatever sin, and how those we love will be blessed through our righteous desire to repent. Talks on learning to love and that perfect example of love, our Savior. Talks on receiving inspiration. President Monson saying in Priesthood how we can truly live without anger. So many things seemingly impossible, but yet, through the Savior, the impossible becomes possible. I love it!

Oh, random tidbit of information I found out that I am kinda proud of. So when Henry B. Eyring was in high school, he played basketball. Guess for what school. East School High, the home of High School Music (well, at least it was shot there). The First Presidency has an old Wildcat. While I'm not a High School Musical enthusiast, I must admit when I found this out I was laughing my head off (which was kinda bad because I found it while reading an old Ensign and then everyone else around me looked at me like I was crazy. They had no idea what just happened. For all they knew I just lost my head and when into the laughs of a lunatic! Luckily I could explain to them since the tentacles of High School Musical have penetrated even Brazil).

I really like conference I have decided. =)

Well, until next week!

Elder Eyring

Oh! P.S.!!!! I had a Brazilian from a different area that I was visiting tell me how it was amazing I could speak Portuguese! I was complemented by a Brazilian on my language! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!

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