Friday, October 9, 2009

017/087 090928 Another list of food I eat

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So I remember when I got to this area that I´m in now I noticed how people seemed to have a little bit money, and the thought went through my head, "Yes! Maybe I´ll stop gooding quite as weird food since these people can afford more!" I was wrong. With more money they seem to just experiment more. Let me give another list of I have had to eat. Cow stomach, Pig snout, Pig ears, and Pig tongue. Why! Talking to others from my CTM district, none of them have had one of these things served them. Wait, no, one of them had these things served them once. Why in the world is the pickiest eater getting the strangest foods! Well, at least by the time I get home I really will be able to eat just about anything. For all of you who thought I was strange for being a picky eater, =P x 10. ;) Sorry, I just get disheartened by the food some days.

So, funny story time. Well, pitiful actually. So, yesterday, my companion and I were going to a house to pick up a person we baptized yesterday. Then, on the way to the church we picked up someone else. Turns out, this was another person we were going to baptize (that is baptized now). (excuse the terrible English, I have lost English skills a bit) I didn´t know this until the end of church. Sad, huh? In my defense though, I never taught this girl lessons, and the interview happened while the other person was being interviewed, so I didn´t know that the interview was happening. I think I just made things confusing. Basically, I had a baptism without even knowing. That was interesting.

So right now I´m in regular street clothes. Jeans and a T-shirt with tennis shoes. I´m going to do a little bit of service after this Internet usage, so that's why. But it is so weird! I haven´t gone out in street clothes for months. I wore jeans once in the CTM for a service project, and then the last time before that I guess would be June 1 or 2 (I remember the 2 I went to the Oquirrh Mount Temple open house and was later set apart, so I might have never changed into jeans that day). Yeah, it feels weird!

Oh, that reminds of another funny or stupid story from the week that shows clearly that I have no sense of fashion whatsoever. One of the members in my ward was really excited about this one shirt a friend gave him, and when I saw it I thought it really wasn´t that appealing of a shirt, but to be nice I said I liked it. He then went on to say how it was R$500,00 (about $280.00) and was made by this huge fashion designer. So yes, I have no fashion sense. But I really wonder how in the world someone can have such a strong opinion that a piece of cloth he likes can be sold for so much money. It was a basic button up shirt, that wasn´t that special. I kinda can understand why dresses are incredibly expensive, because I can actually see the art in designing a dress, but this shirt? I think its basically the same thing as some modern art that is a blank canvas with a plain black frame that sells for a million dollars. And why again is America in an economic crisis?

Oh, one thing continuing from last week about how women truly are better then men. An example from my mission (and really of all missions from what I´ve heard). Its almost impossible to baptize men it seems. Yesterday was my first baptism of a man. My companion who has been on his mission for 21 months said this is his second. We have a rule that we have to do make ten street contacts with men every day each person, because the church drastically needs more men. Women and children are willing to humble themselves and come unto Christ. With Men, some are. Its pathetic in some ways.

So what other things should I say . . . . hmmm? This past week not much has happened. Our apartment was being renovated, and we were told that we had to stay in our apartment because there was someone else in it that isn´t part of the mission. So yeah, that sums up this week.

Oh, and I hate mosquitoes. Every couple of weeks, I have nights I can´t sleep because I am so incredibly itchy. Its terrible! Thankfully enough I´m on a mission for the true church representing our Savior, so I am given the strength to make it through the day, but without that boost of strength, I would surely die of exhaustion. So yes, mosquitoes are evil.

I think I am slowly developing Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). As time goes on I keep on noticing how half the things that I talk about in my life I keep on saying "we" or "ours" or such things. I feel like Golem or something. I know its just the fact that everything I do I do with my companion, so I get habituated to saying we and such, but still, I am possibly going to be diagnosed with MPD before I get home!

For you all in Utah, its starting to get cold now, huh? Lucky. Its getting hotter every day here. It had been raining for a while here, and for a little bit I was hating the rain, but now I changed my mind. The sun is out again. And its humid. And Summer is coming, but still not here. I am definitely dreaming of a white Christmas, which thing I will not be able to have. Unless you count the blinding sun as it being white. Well, at least ice cream on Christmas day will taste so much better.

Well, have a good week y'all. I think I have rambled enough for this week. Best of luck in whatever is going on!

Elder Eyring

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