Wednesday, June 24, 2009

003/101 090624 Sao Paulo is Huge

Picture: Generic picture of São Paulo

Hi! Things are going well down here. Its really been repetitive, but I like it. I am learning SO much. Its great.

I haven´t talked about this yet, so I´m going to. São Paulo is huge so everyone knows. And I mean HUGE. The MTC (which is a 7 story building) is in the suburbs. And in random little bit of the suburbs there are pockets of skyscrapers that are bigger than Salt Lake. We can see downtown from a window in our room, and its insane. Its plainly just a line of skyscrapers. It´s insane. I think I´ll like how Rio has a coast on one side.

Oh! And Rio North is being absorbed into Victoria or something. But basically, my mission now covers the entire city of Rio. YAY!

And, if anyone is worried about the safety at the CTM, so you know, we have an Isralei security company or something like that. But they are good. They would need to be. Its kinda scary though when you see some of the security guards though. But I am without a doubt safe. And of course there is the ultimate security system of our Father´s loving care!

It´s crazy stuff with what I´m hearing about Utah. I´ve heard that it has rained a lot (and it´s barely rained here in São Paulo), and that the swine flu is nasty there. I´m sorry for you all. Honestly, I´m glad I´m in a different country with what I´ve been hearing. That is insane!

Oh, quick side note, if people could keep any letters I send them, or mail them to my home address, or something, that would be awesome. I sometimes remember something while writing a letter to someone that I didn´t write in my journal, and I didn´t write to anyone else, so I kinda need some help! (Yes, I am still as absent minded as ever, but I am working on it.)

So, our Father in Heaven has blessed me in more ways then imaginable down here. Here is one of them. Every week you have to (get to have to) prepare a talk on one of the Christ like attributes, and last weeks topic was charity and love. At church on Sunday, they randomaly select a few missionaries to give their talk. Well, last week mine was on charity and love, and a lot of things hit me. And so, while studying, I prayed to Heavenly Father to let me give my talk on Sunday. Which I did. I didn´t give that good of a talk, but Heavenly Father really made my message strong and clear. The Spirit was there, and I think everyone was edified. And I feel so much more confident (for lack of a better word) with a lot of stuff. It really was an awesome experience. Oh, and the best scripture on it is 1 Corinthians 13, and one I liked is in Moroni 8, and I think verse 42 or something. What it says though is perfect love casteth out all fear. I like it. Well, time is passing fast. Till next week!

Bom Dia,
Elder Eyring

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