Wednesday, June 10, 2009

001/103 090610 Brazil is incredible!

Picture: MTC District at São Paulo Temple

Subject: Hi all!

So a very important note to start off with. While in the MTC, I will NOT be able to email anyone. So send your home address to my Gmail account if you want me to write you, because I have no one’s! And really, I would love to get a letter! I never realized how letter hungry missionaries can get, and I have only been out a week! But if you aren’t able to send one, of course that’s fine!

Hi! Brazil is incredible! I love it here! The MTC (or CTM as they (and from now on me) call it since for Portuguese grammar it’s the Center for Training Missionaries) is absolutely beautiful. All the wood in it is Cedar, which is beautiful. And the Spirit is so strong! And I am getting much stronger because my bedroom is on the 6th floor and missionaries have to take the stairs!

So I just want to apologize up front, my email stuff will be separate because my brain is fried on Preparation days (which are Wednesdays for me at the CTM), and my spelling and grammar is beginning to suffer from the intense learning of Portuguese.

So yeah, for what has happened for me . . . classes, classes, and classes. I am learning lots, but that’s all I am doing. Which actually has been a lot of fun. My companion´s name is Elder Johnson. And so far in Portuguese I can bear my testimony, say a prayer, and talk at a 6 month old level other than that. I can really bear testimony though that the Spirit helps us learn here. The program without the Spirit already is incredible, but with it, oh, it’s incredible. Like, I´ve been slightly sick since Saturday. I was trying my hardest to learn, but I just couldn't concentrate. The Spirit kicked in though and I haven´t gotten behind. As long as I try my hardest, I feel so much help from God!

Well, more next week I guess.
Bon Dia (Good day)
Elder Eyring

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  1. Yeah Nathan! So proud of you! What a great kid you are . . . OK, young man. . . I refuse to accept that you are old enough to serve a mission! Thank you for making such good choices and for setting an example to your younger cousins. Hang in there!