Monday, December 7, 2009

027/077 091207 Is John Taking The Blood Jesus?

Picture: Flamengo of Brazil player: Adriano

So this week there was an interesting thing a child said. We showed a picture to a family of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus Christ, and we asked what this picture was for the build up for the invite to baptism. A child there gave an interesting answer, "tá tirando sanque", or in English, is John taking the blood of Jesus? It changes the story of John the Baptist and Jesus a little when you add that little bit with vampires . . . . lol. That was awesome.

Oh, and I decided when I came to Brazil on a football (soccer) team, the Flamingos. This is my team. I am flamingista. Well, I chose well. Yesterday, they won the final game for Brazil, so more or less they won the super bowl for soccer here. More or less. The system is built differently here. But yes, this year, they won. The first time in 16 years. This happened yesterday, and there were still fireworks going off this morning. The amount of partying going on here, wow, it was impressive. So much happiness. A lot of drunken happiness, yes, but people still were filled with pride of their team. Lol.

Ahhh! I lost a lot of time in a phone call about a couple of forms and names and stuff. Ok, so what should I write real quick that actually has spiritual value.

Oh, this past week my president had the whole mission wake up early one morning and have a hour and a half prayer. That really was a good experience. For me, it was a different prayer. I don't know why, but I have never had a prayer like it. It was significantly strong, it wasn't filled with revelations or stuff of the sort, it was just different, but of course, it was good. I think its really good to every now again to just give yourself to long prayer, even if for a while nothing seems to be coming, there is a benefit to just giving yourself in prayer for a while. It was good.

I hope everything is going well back in the States.

Elder Eyring

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