Tuesday, November 9, 2010

076/028 101115 Márcio de Souza Perecmanis

Dear Sir,

I am writing this message to let you and your wife know that your son Eyring is doing a great job as a missionary here in Brazil. The other day I received him and another Elder in my house. I gathered my family in our living room to listen to them and I must say that he’s words brought peace to our hearts because his words poured forth from his feelings and emotions not from his tongue. Judging from his behavior it became clear to me that he was brought up very well, you’ve done a very good job. Me and my wife we’re recovering from a very difficult financial situation and on that evening his words really touched me. We liked him so much that I want you to know that he can count on us to help him any time he needs during his staying in Brazil. I am 48 years old and I see hi m like a son. I want to congratulate you and your wife for having such a good kid and thank you for letting us have him here, so far away from home and bringing peace and hope to our hearts and souls.
Best regards,

Márcio de Souza Perecmanis

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