Tuesday, November 9, 2010

073/031 101025 Crazy People!

There is one family I'm teaching that lives at a restaurant they own and one day we passed by real quick we left from behind to hear some guy start yelling at us. "I can see the light leaving from you! You are two angels of the Lord!" At that moment we were setting goals with someone to stop drinking coffe and so my companion went on setting the goals, and I started talking with this guy.

"I see the light leaving from you! I must be saved!" and then a whole bunch of other stuff, lol.

I asked him to wait a moment and then I started talking with the guy we were helping to stop drink coffe and then the crazy man came up and said half screeming to them, "These two are messengers from God! Listen and obey everything they say!"

Keep in mind he's saying this with drool halfway out of his mouth.

I thanked him for the help, then finished with the other guy. The crazy guy had allready set up a table with three chairs and motioned us to sit down.

We sat down and he started talking about a lot of things, and then said, "but its not I but you (all) that are greater. Please, give me some of your wisdom!"

I talked quickly about how he said he wanted to be saved and showed him a picture of the baptism of Jesus Christ (the same that is on the cap of Preach my Gospel) and asked him what he saw. He grabbed the picture, looked deeply into it, and then slowly leened in and kissed it. He then whispered out, "Jesus." Half laughing, I told him good job, and he then added "John the Baptist". That was good enough for me. I started talking a little about baptism and he said, "So I need to stop smoking, and stop drinking?" Yes! was my clear reply. And then I asked about if he was married, and he was just living with someone. I asked why he didn't marry her. He replied about how he truly loved her, and followed with a huge discourse about what love is. After I asked, "So, ok, you love your wife a whole lot, so why don't you marry her?" He answered to get married you need to have a good relationship and understanding. "For example," he then said, "I left my house right now by crawling though a window. My wife locked me in the house!" I lauged a while at that.

After this he shook my hand for some reason and then tried to kiss it. I took my hand back, because, well, I am not that use to men kissing my hand. He got seriously mad and looked at me. "Why would you not let me kiss your hand?! Was it because of, maybe, evilness?!" I laughed and apologized.

He almost wanted to kiss our feet. We asked him not to, and he went on about how he greatly respected us. "I respect you for you have less sins then I do, or, maybe, I have less sins then you." Sadly, I was prideful and thought it was certain I had less then him. I have been baptized though, and take the sacrament, so I guess that is a good enough guess!

At the end of the lesson he ended up kissing my companion on the head and on the hand, and then me on the head on on the hand. He then grabbed our two hands, knelt down, and prayed silently for about a minute (which felt like a hour). He finished almost crying, stood up, and left.

Lol, yay, crazy people.

Oh, then we met a drunk guy from Peru. He started calling us and walked over to us, and out of no where started talking to us in English. Then his friend came up and the one from Peru started talking to his friend in English. I asked the friend if he knew english, which he didn't, and I explained that this crazy guy from Peru was speaking in English. Apparently this guy from Peru always knows the church really well and his uncle is a bishop. We tried to stop him real quick to take him in the church, get him over his beer, and baptize him, but he was too busy to go get drunk. The next day was monday, so he had to hurry up and get drunk some more! Then lie down to die because he was so drunk.

Lol, I love Brasil!

Have a good week all!

Elder Eyring

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