Tuesday, November 9, 2010

074/030 101101 A funny thing that happened at church

There was a funny thing that happened at church this Sunday. I was in the baptismal room after church helping set up a baptism that the sisters were about to have. They are in another branch that uses the same building. And while I was doing that a kid came in and I decided to ask him his name. After a little bit someone said he was the one getting baptized and I decided to tell him congradulations, and asked him if he was getting baptized. He replied, "Yes, and you'll baptized me!" I got kinda confused. But he insisted. I didn't really believed him. He then grabbed my arm and took me to the sisters and told them I was going to baptize him. They threw up their arms because apparently I was the 5th person he had chosen to baptize him. Well, he insisted, because I was American, and he wanted to get baptized by an American. He wanted to get baptized by the American sister, but she can't baptize, so I did. Lol. Funny kid.

After that he then showed me where the baptismal clothes were, tried to pick one out for me, and then told me what to do. Lol, funny kid.

I don't mind baptizing people though of course!


Until more!

Elder Eyring

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