Tuesday, May 18, 2010

050/054 100517 The Ugliness Has Left

Hi all!

What to write this week. . . . . .

Well, this week wasn't to eventful. Well, it might have been and I just forgot. I got sick a bit, not so much that I couldn't get out to work, but enough that while I was working nothing was getting registered. I feel so bad for my companion! He's pretty much had to take some things over. The other day I was calling up one of the missionaries and he asked me if something seriously wrong happened. My response simply was no, I'm just so sick so I have a voice sounding like everything must be wrong. Lol, I loved it. I should have gotten a picture of myself too. It was kinda funny. I got an eye infection and I didn't sleep well, so my eyes were HUGE and such and my whole appearance looked sick. I was at a conference with other missionaries and when I went up to talk to them they all were slightly taken aback. It was quite funny. But I'm all good now, the ugliness has left. How nice!

Well, have a good week all!

Elder Eyring

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