Tuesday, January 26, 2010

033/071 100118 Things are good

Picture: Lucas Santos (center) with other missionaries.
Hi all!

So I have a funny language thing to tell you all. So, if you were to say “bads” in Porutgese, like “the bads of my life” (which is used at times in my scriptures in Portugese at least), it is “males”. So it would be ‘the “males” of my life’, or ‘os males de minha vida’. I found that kinda funny . . . . And thought I would share ;).

So how is life for everyone? Things are good here. There are many miracles being done in my mission, and it is incredible to be seen. I am feeling so much more comfortable with everything, and I am sure that I am already at the point that if I returned home tomorrow I would have those incredibly weird feelings every missionary tends to have returning. I guess I have already been out for a while, but time moves by so quickly that its hard to realize it at times.

I have been learning a lot recently how God gives each of us the opportunity to repent and come unto Him, but it is us that choose to reject Him when He is not in our lives. There is a scripture in late Isiah (I don’t have my English scriptures on me, so I can’t tell you exactly where) that says that God’s hand is shortened and His ability to help us is always there for us, but it is us that choose to reject His hand in our lives and reject His help. I have had to watch a few people do that here recently. God provides everything for us to change, and He provides everything for us to change multiple times. But it is up to us to choose to accept that help. If anyone is having a problem with a sin, problem, or anything, just go to God. He might tell you to do something you don’t want to do, but that’s all right, God will take care of you and your sin/problem/whatever else. I have had to learn that personally. Each of us will have to come to a point that either our desire will be like the father of King Lamoni where we will give all of our sins to know God or we will choose to reject Him from our lives. Choose Him! He loves us all so! If we only trust in Him, we will be happy, we will have joy in this life and in the life to come, we will have peace.

I remember how it was for those at home when I left, and I realize things might be different, but I am sure how things overall are still the same. I remember everyone had their problems, and some had greater problems. I want to encourage all of you, please, give all to God. The true blessing and opportunity of a mission, it helps show you how to give all to God, but all of you at home can choose to do that now. There is no greater happiness then giving all to Him, and in the end, when you do it, while your problems still exist, miracles happen everyday to carry you through.

I guess I ranted for enough . . . . I hope you all have a good week.

Elder Eyring

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