Tuesday, January 26, 2010

031/073 100104 "Elder, Elder!"

Picture: Lucas Santos (center) is prparing to serve a mission.

So, I have been planning on sharing my companions conversion story for a while, and I kept on forgetting. So here it is.

His name in real life is Elder. So one day, while he was playing in front of his house, his mom called for him. It just so happened the missionaries were passing by. Well, the missionaries heard a women calling, "Elder, Elder!", so they figured they would go talk to here. When they asked if she needed something and asked why she called them, she explained she was calling her child and stuff. They laughed, said their name is Elder as well, and offered their message. All of my companions family was baptized from that.

Its a funny coincidence, but for me it shows how wonderfully simple the miricales of God are. There was no huge spiritual prompting, no unbelievable change, just a mix up with the names. I love how things can be so simple, and such a huge change made in the lives of God's children.

Well, that is all for this week!

Elder Eyring

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