Wednesday, April 7, 2010

044/060 100405 Temple

Picture: Salt Lake Temple
So I have had a lot of people asking me in letter about suggestions with going through the temple, so here they are!

1. Read the Book of Mormon. All of it. If you just have one week, fine. Read it. If you don't have time, find it. You need an in depth scriptural help. One thing in place of the Book of Mormon I would accept is Jesus the Christ to better understand our savior.
2. The day before you go into the temple, make it a day of fasting and prayer. If you are getting married, go ahead and spend some time with your future spouse, but in large make it a day of just you with the Lord. You'll have the eternities with everyone else, so give one day with just you and the Lord to prepare.
3. Don't freak out. The temple is wonderful and if you are worrying before hand you'll miss the point.

1. Just watch and let everything soak in. Its not to be forced. Like the last scripture in section 121 of the Doctrine and Covenants, the doctrines of the priesthood shall distill upon your minds once through your virtue you are in the presence of God. It shouldn't be any more or less than this. Just let you spirit accept it all. Don't have your mind drift or something like that, but you will lose something if you freak out trying to remember every single thing.

1. Remember a lot is symbolic. You won't understand it all. So go back. Stay calm, its not bad that you didn't quite get everything.
2. Pray with more spirit and faith. If you let it, the endowment will fill your body with light and knowledge and you will recieve spiritual gifts. That is the promise.
3. Never forget the covenants that you made.

Hope that helps!

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